Google has launched Tez App for Android and iOS as Digital Payment Solution in India. In few hours it becomes popular, and many users have started sending and receiving money via Tez App. Few steps and you can do that too.

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However, many users have reported that there is an error adding a bank account in Tez app. This may be a temporary issue and Google will fix it soon. Here in this post, we have covered working solutions to fix to add a bank account error on Google’s Tez app.

How to Fix Error While Adding Bank Account in Tez AppHow to Fix Error while Adding Bank Account in Tez App

Re-Install Tez App

In some situations, it happens that few component of the app were missed to install and as a result app would not function properly. Fixing such errors, the best advice is to uninstall and re-install the app. This will help to solve the issue, and you can add bank account once it’s re-install on your device.

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Clear Cache Memory

This is the another quick fix to solve an error. You are using multiple apps and each app is creating a cache memory on your device. In such case, it is a need to free up some cache memory on your device so other apps can function properly. To clear cache memory take a help of an app or restart your phone and try again to add a bank account in Tez app. It will work.

Switch Wi-Fi Network

Switching over Wi-Fi networks or using mobile data pack instead of Wi-Fi, or using Wi-Fi network instead of Mobile data pack can help to fix the issue. Try using the different internet connection on your mobile phone and add bank details to Google’s Tez App. This may help you out.


We have noticed that users who are adding Axis or SBI bank account with Tez App are facing the trouble. We insist you to try these solutions to fix an error of adding bank details on Tez App. Comment below if these tricks worked or not and bank names with which this problem occurs.