Thanks to the amazing success and the unprecedented response from fans, Pokémon Go has become the most popular game in US history. Ever since I put my hands on it, I have been enjoying every bit of my free time like never before.

Though there are issues like the GPS signal not found Error, fast battery drain, random crashing or server error, I’m able to get the best out of it. One thing I really like most about this cool augmented reality game is the option to catch Pokémon. It may not be so straight forward but once you learn the trick it becomes pretty simple.

How to Find Wild Pokémon in Pokémon Go on Android

With the use of your phone’s GPS, Pokémon Go tracks your location. And in order to catch the creatures, you have to walk. Pokémons are spread all around and you will have to be a bit smart to capture them. Here are a few tricks that can help you catch them. Let’s find out!

Step #1. Start walking around.

Step #2. If you get close to any Pokémon, your device will start vibrating to alert you.

Step #3. You will see the creature on the map as well.

Step #4. Just tap on the Pokémon, and then toss your Poké Ball.

That’s it! You have successfully caught the Pokémon.

How to Track Pokémon using the nearby Pokémon Feature

Step #1. You will see a small gray box with a few Pokémon icons to the right of your virtual avatar in the Map View.

The icons, which are colored, will reveal the drawing of a Pokémon. They are the ones you have bumped into in the game before.

The icons, which have been greyed out, are the ones you have not yet encountered.

Step #2. You need to tap on that box.

Step #3. A menu pop up will appear with up to nine Pokémon in your local area.

  • Each Pokémon will have little footprint markings under it. The number of footprints hints how far away that individual Pokémon is.
  • If there is a single footprint or no footprints at all, the Pokémon is very close to you.
  • On the map, little bursts of leaves indicate the place where those nearby Pokémon could be hiding.
  • If a Pokémon has two or three footprints, you will have to walk around a bit to get close to it.
  • However, the augmented reality game doesn’t make it clear as to which direction you will have to go in order to capture the creature.
  • Just play around with the Warmer/Colder with the Nearby feature till you are able to successfully catch the Pokémon you are hunting for.

That’s done! What’s your take on Pokémon Go? How attractive is it? Is there any missing feature in this game? Let us know in the comments below.