There are games that just impress you making you crazy for a few days. While Pokémon Go also fascinates you at the first impression itself, it makes you completely addictive. The best thing about this superb augmented-reality game is that it keeps your interest alive.

With the use of your device’ GPS signal, Pokémon Go tracks your location. You have to walk around to find and catch Pokémon hidden in your area. Speaking the truth, finding creatures seemed to be a bit too demanding for me. However, once I knew some of the best tricks to master Pokémon, I began to enjoy it a lot.

How to Find Pokémon Using Poke Live on Android Phone

What if you wish to find Pokémon a lot easier without needing to move? There is an app called Poke Live that lets you find creatures effortlessly. The app instantly hones in your location and populates the nearby Pokémon on the screen. As a result, you don’t have to walk around to find them all.

Download Poke Live

Pretty Easy-to-Use

You don’t require any login whatsoever to get started with the Poke Live. Moreover, it’s pretty easy to use and quite responsive, unlike most other similar apps.

I have been using it in order to find the creatures for a few days. And, it has lived up to my expectation in getting the job done with élan.

Can’t Search Beyond Your Location

The only drawback, if any, with this app, is that it doesn’t have a tool to let you search beyond your location. However, considering the ease with which it helps you discover creatures make it a good option.

There is a way to fake your GPS location and movement to cheat this game. However, you will need to have a rooted device to make the most of it.

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