Nowadays, it is become easy to find your lost device or other things with the help some technological apps and functions. That’s really worthy! Apple has recently launched the iPad Pro with incredible Pencil to do the things elegantly. The tech giant has already landed the Find My iPhone app to find lost AirPods and Dead iPhone. But, what if you lost your newer Apple Pencil? Is it possible to find it? Yes, Now you can find your Apple Pencil using Bluetooth Finder app on your iPad. Let’s find out how to do it.

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Tracking your Apple Pencil with some bad looking accessories is not a better idea to keep the Pencil safe. It looks very ugly when you use your iPad Pro with Apple Pencil at your workplace or in the College campus. Well, the Apple Pencil is one of the greatest innovations of Apple. But, the safety matter a lot for users. Sadly, Apple hasn’t announced any trackable app or function to find a lost Apple Pencil. Luckily, a developer has gotten their hands to develop an app to track Apple Pencil. If your Apple Pencil is lost or stolen, the new Bluetooth LE device pencil tracker app could help you to get back the lost Apple Pencil.
How to Find Your Lost Apple Pencil

How to Find Your Lost Apple Pencil with Bluetooth Finder App

Note: The app requires iOS 8.0 or later version, and it is only compatible with iPad.

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Currently, Bluetooth Finder is the only app on the store which has ability track Apple Pencil. It also helps to find other missing Bluetooth device along with Apple Pencil. In order to find a missing Apple Pencil, you just need to install this app, open it, and the app will guide you lost the device. You can use the app on your iPad Pro that paired with your Apple Pencil and then simply track down the lost Pencil within a minute. The app will use the wireless connectivity of your lost device and help you to find it effortlessly.

Bluetooth Finder App for iPadWell, that’s very impressive to know that the Apple Pencil is trackable with the Bluetooth Finder app. But, it also has some drawback in another side. As we discussed that the app uses the Bluetooth connection to find the lost Apple Pencil, but we all know that the Bluetooth connection is only up to the limited range. You could not track your device if it went out of range.

The app won’t works if you have disabled or re-enabled Bluetooth on your iPad after losing your Apple Pencil. If you have restarted or rebooted your iPad after losing your Apple Pencil, then the app won’t help you to find the Pencil. The app works great if you have lost in the last few minutes, meaning it would be good to track the Pencil without a few minutes of lost or stolen.

If you are using the Apple Pencil regularly and want to protect it, then it would be worthy to spend a few dollars on the app. The Bluetooth Finder app is now available at $3.99 from App Store.

Download Bluetooth Finder App

We hope Apple could announce an official way to locate Apple Pencil. Well, there is no GPS tracking available for the same. What are your thoughts regarding this topic? Share us in the comments.