Losing your most beloved smartphone is terrifying. Since it contains your sensitive data, and you perhaps don’t want someone to misuse it. Therefore, we have come with a tutorial to find, lock, and erase data on Android device, if it’s been lost or stolen.

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The previously known Android Device Manager replaced with “Find My Device“, lets you track, lock, and delete data on your lost or stolen device. All you need go to the Settings and enable Find My Device to keep your device ready to track. Go ahead to find out the full procedure to locate, ring, or wipe your Lost Android device from the other Android device.
How to Find, Lock and Erase Data on Lost Android Phone

How to Find, Lock and Erase Data on Lost or Stolen Android Device

In order to track, lock, and delete data on your lost Android device, your lost device must match with below conditions.

  • Your device is turned on
  • Signed in with your Google Account
  • Connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi
  • Visible on Google Play
  • Location turned on
  • Find My Device turned on

If you haven’t turned on Find My Device, then go to the Settings → Google → Security → Find My Device and switch the toggle ON. The older Android users can find it in Settings → Android Device Manager.

Turn ON Find My Device on Your Lost Android DeviceIf your device followed the above factors, then you can use Find My Device app or web search to secure your device. Here are the steps:

Find, Lock and Erase Data on Lost Android Device Using Find MY Device App

Step #1. First Off, Download and install Find My Device app from the Google Play Store on the other Android device.

Install Find My Device app on another Android phoneStep #2. Next, tap on “SIGN IN AS GUEST” on another Android device.

Tap on SIGN IN AS GUEST on AndroidStep #3. Now, Enter Gmail ID and password which you are using your lost Android device, and then tap the Sign in.

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Enter Gmail ID and password to Sign in on AndroidStep #4. Wait a few seconds to let the app track the location of your Lost device. Once it the process completed, the app will show you the exact location of your lost phone with the remaining battery percentage and connected Wi-Fi network.

The app track the location of your Lost Android deviceStep #5. If you want to track the phone, you can use pinch or zoom to get a perfect location of the device. If you reached near to your device, you can tap on “Play Sound” to ring your device even if it is in silent mode.

Tap on Play Sound to Make Android Phone RingingStep #6. If you want to lock your lost device right from the app. Just tap on “Lock” and you will get a new tap where you can send a message along with a phone number to request them so that they can reach you.

Tap on Lock and Type a message to Lock Android PhoneStep #7. You will get a third option is ‘Erase’. If you want to permanently delete all data from your lost device, you can choose “Erase” and then again “Erase” button to delete all data.

Tap on Erase and Tap on Erase button again to confirmThat’s it!

This is how you can use Find My Device app to find, lock, and erase data from your lost or stolen an Android phone. As we said that you can also find lost Android phone using Google search.


Hope now you have a complete idea of how to track down your expensive lost or stolen the Android phone. Like the post? Do share with your friends. Don’t forget to share us your feedback. You can comment below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.