App Store and Google Play Store both are loaded with thousands of applications. While most apps are available for free to download, there a number of apps available as paid. So, it could have been difficult to track down apps that are available at low price. Hence, here we will help you to find the best app deals for Android and iOS devices.

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In order to minimize your efforts to search some best discounting apps and game, we have made a list of best app deals sites list. These sites will help you to find the best app deals for both Android and iPhone at the same place. So, are you ready find which iOS or Android app on sale today at discount? If yes, then go ahead!

How to Find the Best App Deals for Android and iOS

Find the Best App Deals for Android and iOS With These Best available Sources

#1. AppShopper


If you want some of the best apps available on iOS and Mac then AppShopper is your best and probably the only option. The reason for saying this is that it has over a 1.9 million apps in its directory. AppShopper doesn’t stop after letting you know about the apps but it will also notify whenever there is an update or change in price. You can do plenty of things by using its website and using its search engine and also the Toggle bar situated right at the top of the website.

If you are not happy with the price of an app which you like then you can put it on your wishlist and you will get notified by the website via an email. The ease of tracking the price at any time on this website is the major ‘plus’ of AppShopper. For getting updated always you may also follow them on Twitter handle @appshopper.

Visit AppShopper

#2. MacStories Deals

MacStories Deals

You will not find deals on MacStories always because it isn’t actually a deal site at all. What MacStories does is that it brings all the popular iOS and Mac apps running on sale under one roof which is selected precisely by MacStories team. You will find deals apps searched by the team with categories like Games, Productivity, Health, Lifestyle, Utilities etc. MacStories team works extra hour during Black Friday and Cyber Monday and select best deals for iOS and Mac from thousands of such apps available and then put them on a single page.

If you wish you can subscribe to their newsletter to remain updated or can follow MacStories on Twitter too, their handle is @MacStoriesDeals

Visit MacStories

#3. AppSales


You would probably love this app if you are an Android user because this app works just superb for you to get the best deals with plenty of options. It doesn’t search all and random deals apps across Google Play Store, but it actually allows you to search the choice of deals you like to have. So, you need to go to its 3 horizontal lines menu and there you need to tap on Settings and then on Filter.

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Now you can filter how much discount you actually want from the deals, for example, if you wish you can set app search criteria at 25% discount and then decide how many downloads you want from the above criteria and then tap on Hiding expired sales and tap on Ok. You will get the deals what you want. By going to Categories, you can even set which categories you want deals in along with notifications options. By subscribing AppSales with a fee of $1.99/year you can get a special bonus for In-App Sale, Launch Sale, Voucher codes etc.

Download AppSales for Android

#4. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle

This website gives you a unique choice to get great games at a discounted price. Humble Bundle has a large collection of games which you can buy at a discounted price by deciding how much you would like to pay to the developers. So, if you pay more than the average quoted price on the site, you will get the entire bundle. Not only that a good portion of your money goes to a charity which you will only select while deciding the price. This is not it, there is also a daily discount deal in the Humble Store so that you can remain updated always.

Visit Humble Bundle

#5. iOSnoops


This website works almost like AppShopper about which we talked earlier but this is an exclusive deals site for iPhone and iPads. The site gives you news deals for apps at 6 am Central Time and before that or after that you can also set up your wish list. If the wish list app’s price goes down you will get notified. Just use a click and you can switch between iPhone and iPad with ease. You can even get the best deals by checking out the handpicked deals from the editors or best 3 apps of the day, apps are gone for free and trending apps. This will make your app search easier. The best part of this website is that it shows you real-time deals so whenever your marked app pops up you can easily make the decision.

Visit iOsnoops

#6. Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Last but certainly not the least, the Google Play Store which also occasionally conducts a big sale on most of its paid apps and games. Not only that the discounts Play Store normally offers are huge. You need not subscribe Google Play Store to get notified about the sale because you can get the information easily by visiting their website and if there is a sale you will see a banner there. Apart from that most of the tech bloggers too keep us informed about it. The discounts suggested by Google Play Store can be anything between 50 to 90%! so don’t miss the chance.

Visit Google Play Store

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Hope you have liked our collection of best app deals for Android and iOS. It is advisable to get subscribed to these sites if they are permitting because that will be really helpful for you to get instant notification on apps or games you always like to have on your smart gadget. If you buy any app or game from above-mentioned sources, then do share your experience with us here on comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.