Social media has become incredibly powerful today. In terms of influencing people, providing the decisive edge to your business or taking your views across the targeted audience, social networking apps/sites have surpassed all other mediums. But, just like everything else, it’s not perfect and has some flaws, which must be dealt meticulously to ensure the social accounts continue to remain impactful.

Fake followers or fans can badly hurt the reputation of your social account. They will neither engage with your post in true spirit nor help it deliver the right message. Fake accounts are like virus that can ruin the image of your social profile. Therefore, getting rid of them is the best remedy for the long-term benefit of your social account.

Today, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are considered to be the market leaders with millions of active users. Hence, we have made this complete guide to ensuring you are able to remove the fake followers or fans from these major social sites. Let’s find out!

How to Find and Remove Fake Followers/Fans from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

How to Find and Remove Fake Followers from Twitter

Fakers App

Fakers App” lets you check fake and empty Twitter account. To get started, simply sign in using your account, authorize it and you will get the complete report card about your followers. As for instance, it will show what percentage of accounts are Fake, Inactive, and Good. Besides, it also lets you know what percentage of followers speak a particular language, (In my test, it showed 76% of followers speak English.), the percentage of followers who haven’t tweeted in 100 days and what percentage of them follow less than 250 people.

Though you can do unlimited searches, there is an option to sign up for subscription as well. The premium version will let you block fake followers automatically and track up to 15 accounts.


Fakefollowers is an excellent tool to keep a track of your Twitter account. It checks around 100 of your followers as per a list of criteria such as, follower-to-following ratio, red flag (spammy) words, a high percentage of tweets which are retweets or links etc. If any account hasn’t tweeted in the past 90 days or sent fewer than three tweets, the tool lists it as inactive.

To start things off, simply type in your Twitter handle and click Check.

Then, allow it the access your Twitter account. It will show you the brief analysis of your Twitter followers.

Developed by Social Baker, Fakefollowers ensures you are able to keep a tap on your Twitter followers with ease.

How to Find and Remove Fake Followers from Instagram

IGExorcist is a highly functional tool developed to work for Instagram. It lets you find spam or inactive accounts that follow you. Having cross checked your followers vis-à-vis the accounts you are following, it shows you the complete interaction over the past 300 days. To start things off, simply sign into your Instagram account on the IGExorcist website, authorize it the access to your account. Then click the Request Rebuild button.

Having scanned your followers, it will show a list of inactive followers. If you no longer them to continue to follow you, delete them all.

How to Find and Remove Fake Fans from Facebook Page

There may be a lot of fans of a Facebook page but if they don’t engage with the post, it’s not worth keeping them. As for instance, if you have 10 million fans but not even 5000 of them engage with your post, you may have a lot of fake or inactive followers.

In order to remove the fake followers, just open your Facebook page, click the Fans icon and select See All.

Now, you will see the list of up to 500 fans. If you find any fake account, click the gear right next to the name and choose Remove.

You can use Facebook’s Social Graph in order to find and remove the fake accounts. I agree that it will be a bit tedious task but it’s the right way to keep your accounts away from inactive followers.

Step #1. Open a new tab to use Social Graph. And, keep your page tab open.

Step #2. Now, type in “Fans of (your Facebook page name)” in the search box.

Now, you will see the list of the fans.

If you find a fake account, click the arrow at the upper-right corner of the account result and select Report. Facebook will examine this account and ban it.

Completely Ban Fake Accounts

There is also a way to ban any Facebook Fan completely.

Step #1. Open Social Graph tab. Then, you need to search the fake account you wish to remove within the Social Graph.

Step #2. Now, open fake user’s profile.

You should keep the two tabs open-the fake user profile as well as See All fans.

Now you need to find the user’s ID. Next, you have to copy the profile’s URL then go to and paste the link into the box.

Step #3. The number you get will help you ban this fake account.

Simply copy the ID and open the See All fans tab.

Next, you will need to right-click the gear next to the user and select Inspect Element.

You should see a box with the programming language. Right-click the highlighted line in the box and select Edit as HTML.

Step #4. Then, you have to select the user ID from within the coding box.

Next, paste the fake account’s user ID in order to replace the original one.

Click on the coding box in order to save the new user ID.

Step #5. Now, go back to the People Who Like This tab and choose Remove under the Settings arrow.

A pop-up box will appear on the screen asking you if you wish to ban the fake account. You need to select Ban Permanently and confirm.

That’s it!

If you want to find out whether the account has been banned or not, head back to People Who Like This box, then click the top menu. Now, you need to select Banned, you should see the list of banned users.

I hope these tips are able to help you keep your social accounts from ghost fans or followers. I really find them super handy. If you know any other ways to keeping the fake followers away, feel free to share your views/tips in the comments below.