Pokémon Go has succeeded in mesmerizing not just the hardcore game lovers but also the ones who generally don’t like to indulge into gaming. The augmented-reality game has set a huge milestone for other game apps, hasn’t it?

What makes Pokémon Go so amazing is the interesting concept that allows gamers to walk around and catch nearby creators. It uses GPS to track your location.

What if you don’t want to move around or go out of your home in search of Pokémon? You can still catch ’em all sitting at your Home. However, you will need to fake your GPS location as well as movement to make it believe that you are at different place.

“You need to know the risks involved in tricking the game. Niantic, the developer of the game, could issue you a soft ban if you try to spoof your location. Once you have got a soft ban, you will be prevented from logging into your account for a few hours. Nevertheless, if you have a rooted device, you can prevent the company from finding out that you are spoofing locations.”

How Fake Your GPS Location & Movement to Cheat at Pokémon GO on Android

Step #1. First off, you have to Install Fake Location Spoofer Free from the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Though there are several other apps that allow you to spoof your location, we have found Fake Location Spoofer a bit better.

Step #2. After you have successfully installed the app on your device, you need to enable “Developer options” on your phone, if it’s not enabled already. (Open Settings menu → About Phone or “About tablet,” or “About device → Now, you need to back out one level to go to the main Settings menu again. Along the bottom of this screen, you have to select the “Developer options”.)

Step #3. In the “Developer options”, you need to go to “Mock location app,” then select the Fake Location Spoofer that you have just installed.

Step #4. After your smartphone is perfectly set for spoofing, you have to launch Fake Location Spoofer app.

Step #5. The map of the world will appear on the screen. You have to choose your desired location. Just pinch and zoom on the map. Once you have selected your preferred location, you need to double-tap on it.

Step #6. Next, you need to tap on the orange play button at the bottom-right.

Once you have chosen the location, a notification will appear in your notification tray that lets you stop spoofing your location.

Step #7. Up next, you have to launch Pokémon Go. The augmented-reality game will now read your current location as the spoofed location. Hence, you will see the map of that location together with all the Pokémon of that area.

That’s all there is to it!

I would recommend you not to change location too often. Else, you get soft banned. So, make sure to do so every few hours and catch Pokémon from the comfort of your bed.

How much do you play Pokémon Go? What is the biggest challenge you find in this game? Share your feedback with us in the comments below.