Hard reset or factory reset is not just a troubleshooter. Not necessarily if you’re facing issues with your device, you can perform it. You can also reset your phone if you are planning to sell your LG V30 or are buying the same but the used one, cause in both the cases, you would want your device to be in its new-born form, i.e., without any personal data.

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Now, if you have no idea about how to apply this process, don’t worry. Along the following lines, we’re going to guide you how to factory data reset your LG V30 in two easy methods.
How to Factory Reset LG V30

How to Factory Reset LG V30?

Note: Factory data reset, deletes all the personal data that includes downloaded content, media files, contacts, third-party apps, etc. on the phone memory and restores it to the original factory version in which it was first bought, however, it won’t harm any data located on the SIM card or SD card. So, before you begin, backup all your data stored in the internal memory. Now let’s see the first method to factory reset your LG V30.

Method #1: Factory Reset LG V30 via Settings

Step #1. Open Settings on your LG V30.

Step #2. Tap on the General tab if you are using tab view.

Step #3. Select Backup & reset.

Step #4. Tick or clear the following check boxes as you desire:

  • Backup my data
  • Automatic restore

Step #5. Tap Backup account” and select the desired backup account, if necessary.

Step #6. When all set, select Factory data reset option.

Step #7. Tap Reset phone.

Step #8. Tap Next to proceed.

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Step #9. Select Delete all, then tap OK to confirm.

The factory reset will be automatically completed on your LG V30. Once done, reboot your device and check.

Method #2: Factory Reset LG V30 via Hardware Keys

When your device menus become unresponsive or frozen and prevent you from resetting your device using the method above, master reset your LG V30 using hardware buttons. As mentioned earlier, backup before you proceed with this method too.

Step #1. Switch off the device using the Power button.

Step #2. Next, press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons simultaneously.

Step #3. As soon as you see the LG logo, let go for 2 seconds and then swiftly re-hold the Power button but do not release the Volume down button.

Step #4. Release all buttons at the “Factory data reset” screen.

Step #5. In the factory reset mode, two options will be displayed – No Exit and Yes below the statement “Erase all user data and restore the default setting“.

Step #6. Tap the Volume down button to select Yes and Power to confirm

Step #7. At the “Erase all user data and restore default settings” prompt, highlight “Yes” using volume down button.

Step #8. Press “Power” to confirm.

The device will reset its factory settings and reboot to the initial Android setup.

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So that’s how you can factory reset your LG V30 and start it afresh without any faults. Let us know which method worked for you in the comments field below or share your thoughts regarding this guide on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.