Google Chromecast is an amazing device which lets you watch videos and movies directly on your TV from your smartphone. You can enjoy best Chromecast apps for iPhone and Android anytime. Chromecast is very easy to use and user-friendly than most of its rivals. But, we know that even Google Chromecast needs a factory reset to get rid of some major glitches.

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There are some glitches on Google Chromecast, which you can clear quickly, but for some, you should do a factory reset which will enable you to start from the scratch. Yes, we know that no one likes to do the factory reset on any device, but don’t worry the process we are about to furnish is very easy and it will hardly take your time.

How to Factory Reset Google Chromecast

How to Factory Reset Chromecast?

Make sure that your TV and your PC are connected to the same WiFi network.

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Step #1. Launch Chromecast app on your computer. (Make sure that you open the Chromecast which you want to format if you have multiple Chromecasts on your network.)

Step #2. Click on ‘Settings’ option and then Click on ‘Factory Reset’ only if you are 100% sure to do it.

Step #3. Click on ‘Reset’ button on the prompt message popped up.

Follow the steps below only if you are still facing the problem.

Step #4. You can still do the factory reset manually by pressing the small black button just below the microUSB port.

Step #5. Do this process only when it is attached to TV by pressing the button for 25 seconds and when light next to it starts blinking, let it go.

It will take a minute or two for the device to reset. Once it is over, you can initiate the setup process again.

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We are sure that above process will certainly help you to get rid of the glitches you are facing on Google Chromecast. Hope this factory reset is helpful to you. Do give your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or in the comments section provided below.