When we hear factory reset, we relate it as the last resort to solve any software related problem. But there are times when we need to do a factory reset if we are handing over our smart device to someone else forever. Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot too are such devices which we can hand over to a relative or a friend if we think we are not in need of them. So, how would you do a factory reset for Amazon Echo or Echo Dot?

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Just like few procedures sound tough to attempt but when we apply them, we find them relatively easy. Same is the thing with doing a factory reset for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Amazon Echo and dot factory reset is based on good old hardware reset and not on a new trend of software resets so that too makes it very easy to reset which takes hardly a minute or two.

How to Factory Reset the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot

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How to Factory Reset of the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot

Step #1. Find a paper clip and unbend it in a way that its sticking section points out.

Step #2. Search for a very small hole underneath of your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

Step #3. Stick the paper clip inside the hole and press down and when you feel like a click inside the hole, keep pressing the paper clip for at least five seconds.

Step #4. Once you stop pressing the reset button the light ring on the Echo will automatically light up in orange and will remain like that for a minute.

Step #5. Then the light ring will change its color to blue and Alexa will say ‘Hello’.

Now your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot is ready for a fresh factory reset. Just in case if you do not wish to do a factory reset and want to fix some connectivity issue then you should go through the best tips on fixing the connecting issues of Amazon Echo.

Hope, you will easily do a factory reset on your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot with the simple procedure we have prescribed above. Share your experience with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments section. You can even read our 20 best Amazon Echo tips and tricks to get the best out of Alexa and make your experience of this smart gadget even better.