You might be clicking a lot of pictures, making online transactions, have important people contact details, and many other such things on your Android device. These all data are important and personal, which should stay intact and should not fall into the wrong hands. For this, you should consider encrypting your device.

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What is Encryption and what does it do:

Encryption is a security measure that makes the data inaccessible without entering the key, which only you should know. If an encrypted device is lost, you’ll have a complete peace of mind as no one will be able to recover the data even if they try to extract it by any means. If you aren’t aware of how to encrypt your Android, then just follow the steps we have mentioned below.

How to Encrypt an Android Phone to Protect Sensitive Data from Falling Into Wrong Hands

How to Encrypt Android Phone:

Before you start the encryption process, make sure that your device battery is fully charged and also it is plugged in charging. The process can take an hour or more depending on the size of your data. Another important thing to take care of is that you should not interfere the process in any manner, in case if you do, you are likely to lose some or all the data on your device.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your Android device and then tap on Security.

Launch Settings app on your Android, tap on Security

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Step #2. Under Encryption head, tap on “Encrypt phone”.

Tap on Encrypt phone

Step #3. You’ll see a long warning message and at the bottom a button saying “ENCRYPT PHONE”, tap on it.

You’ll see warning message and at the bottom a button saying “ENCRYPT PHONE”, tap on it

Step #4. At the next screen, you’ll again see a warning message which we already gave you above. Here again, you’ll have the same button saying “ENCRYPT PHONE”, tap on it.

Your device will now reboot and start the encryption process along with estimated time and progress bar. Just wait for it to complete and relax for a while. Once the process is finished, the device will boot again as normal and you’ll be asked to enter the pattern or pin code if you have set any.

That’s it; your device is now encrypted and now you’ll not have to worry about the data even if you lose your device.

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