These days, most of the apps like YouTube and Twitter comes with Dark Mode feature to diminish strain from users’ eyes who are extensively spending time in the front of the computer. Well, some mobile manufacturers are also offering Dark Mode, Night Mode, or Reading Mode to let users keep using their devices without stirring eyes. Likewise, Microsoft also integrated Dark Theme in Windows 10.

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Keeping in mind those people who work day and night from their Windows 10, the company has added the Dark Theme. Once you enable Windows 10 Dark Theme, it will completely turn your computer screen black and provide eyes-friendly visual. Well, if you too are spending hours on PC, then here’s the simple procedure to turn on Windows 10 Dark Mode.

How to Enable Windows 10 Dark Theme

How to Enable the Dark Theme on Windows 10

Step #1. Go to Start button and click on it, then click on Settings.

Click on Settings

Step #2. Now, find the ‘Personalization’ tab, click on it.

Click on Personalization tab

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Step #3. On the left side of your screen, you will see few options, out of which click on Colors.

Click on Colors option

Step #4. You can now see a color pan where you can see all the colors, just scroll down to ‘Choose your app mode,’ where you will find two options, ‘Light’ and ‘Dark.’ Light mode is selected by default, so you need to click on ‘Dark.’

Choose your app mode, click on Dark

Boom! This is it, now your PC or laptop screen must have changed into Dark mode. All your apps will now be shown predominantly in black color. Just in case you don’t like the Dark theme then you can always change it to Light mode again by following the steps suggested above.


This was an extremely easy task, wasn’t it? As we mentioned above, the Dark theme could help those people the most who work before their PCs and laptops for extensive hours. So, if you too are one of those who works for hours before your laptop and PC, then it is advisable for you to use the Dark Mode on your Windows 10. Hence your eyes get much-needed relief.

We will love to get your feedback on this if you have enabled Dark theme on your Windows 10 so that our other reader friends can also know how it exactly works. You can give your feedback to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section.