Google is making technological advancements by leaps and bounds, and this was quite visible during its recent developer conference. The search engine giant is particularly keen to make progress in artificial intelligence; it has begun to introduce user-friendly users in its services like Google Photos and Gmail. While Google Photos allows you to share animation to Instagram from Android and iPhone, Gmail has its own Smart Compose, which is updated lately. Users need to enable this smart compose feature, and then they can use it on their desktop computers and laptops.

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Once you activate the new smart compose feature on your Gmail, it is quite easy to use it. As a matter of fact, the feature is seamlessly integrated into the compose field, but you can quickly see the change. Here, we will first deal with enabling the Smart Compose and then will use the feature.

How to Enable and Use Gmail Smart Compose Feature

How to Enable Smart Compose Feature in Gmail

For this purpose, you need to use the newest version of Gmail.

Step #1. Open Gmail on your desktop computer or laptop.

Step #2. Sign in with your Gmail id and password.

Sign in with your Gmail id

Step #3. Next, click on Settings gear under your profile icon and then click on ‘Try the new Gmail’ from the drop-down menu.

Click on Setting Gear icon and then click Try the new Gmail

This will bring the latest Gmail on your computer. You don’t have to sign in again as you will remain signed in.

Step #4. Then click on Settings gear again and then click on Settings from the drop-down list.

Click Settings Gear icon and select Settings in drop down list in Gmail

Note that the location of Settings gear is changed in the new Gmail.

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Step #5. Under General, scroll down and click the checkbox before ‘Enable experimental access.’

Click checkbox before Enable experimental access in Gmail

The feature is still under development, and therefore, Google may remove experimental features without notice. Also, note that you may receive a mail from Google asking your feedback on the features.

Step #6. After enabling Experimental access, go down and click on Save Changes button.

Click on Save Changes to Enable Smart Compose Feature in Gmail

Next, you will be landed on the Inbox screen of your Gmail.

How to Use Smart Compose in Gmail

As mentioned above, it is pretty damn easy to use Smart Compose in Gmail. Simply click on Compose button from the top left corner and you will find the Smart Compose features on screen.

An example is better than precept.

After enabling Smart Compose in my Gmail, I clicked on the compose button and enter the receiver’s Gmail ID.

Click on compose button in Gmail

I wrote ‘Hi.’ The machine learning capability of Google quickly offers me a suggestion in the compose area: Hi “name of the receiver.”

Use Smart Compose in Gmail

You will experience more such smart features while writing your mail at length. Explore the feature and have fun!

Among other cool features of the new Gmail, I like its ability to snooze emails on Android, iPhone, and computer. Which features do you like the most of new Gmail? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.