OnePlus 5T lift-off with plenty of fruitful features such are a Parallel app, Alert slider, Face unlock, and a lot more. Besides, it also has one more productive function called “Reading Mode” to reduce strain on your eyes and keep reading stress-free. Once you enable Reading Mode on the OnePlus 5T, it will give you complete Amazon Kindle like experience by turning your device’s display in black-and-white.

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The new Reading Mode feature of OnePlus 5T is specially designed for those people who like reading a lot of e-books and browsing on a smartphone without a break. Well, persisting staring at the brighter display may harm your eyes and disturb your night sleep as well. If you are impressed with the new feature of new flagship OnePlus 5T, then move ahead to find out how to turn on Reading Mode on the OnePlus 5T.
How to Enable Reading Mode on the OnePlus 5T

How to Activate Reading Mode on the OnePlus 5T

Make sure that your device is running latest OxygenOS 4.5. You can also apply this steps on OnePlus 5.

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Step #1. Open the Settings app on your device.

Step #2. Next, tap the Display.

Step #3. Now, tap on Reading Mode and Turn ON Reading Mode toggle under Activate manually.

Well, Reading Mode has the sense to don’t run for some app like when you open camera app and gallery. And, you can also activate Reading Mode for specific apps on OnePlus 5t. So, the Reading Mode only turned on when you open that particular app. You can check steps below:

Step #1. Go to the Reading Mode again (Settings→ Display→ Reading Mode).

Step #2. Next, tap on “Add app for Reading Mode.”

Step #3. Scroll through the app list and tick the apps you want to use the Reading Mode.

Step #4. Go back and enjoy Reading Mode on these selected apps.

You’re done! Once you have enabled Reading Mode on OnePlus 5T, your device’s screen will automatically turn monochrome when you use that specific app.

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Final Words

Personally, I do like this feature as it provides Kindle-like experience while reading. What is your opinion? Did you like it? If yes, may I know the apps in which you are using the Reading Mode? Drop comments below or leave you a message on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.