Google announced a Public Beta version of Android O also called ‘Android 8.0 Oreo at the Google I/O 2017. Along with all other amazing features of Android O, the next-gen OS includes the Picture-in-Picture mode. It is one of the striking features that allow users to perform multitask activity at the same time.

Means, you can watch your favorite video while performing another task. That’s great for productivity, isn’t it? It’s quite straightforward to enable Picture-in-Picture mode in Android O.

Picture-in-Picture mode first introduced in Android 7.0 last year. Sadly, at the time (Picture-in-Picture) PiP was only available for Android TV, but it has finally arrived for all Android devices with Android O.

Well, it is very simple to turn on the PIP mode in Android O. Here we will guide the whole step-by-step process to enable Android O’s Picture-in-Picture feature right now.

How to Enable and Use Picture-in-Picture mode in Android O

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Before moving to process, make sure that your device is running latest Android O version.

Steps #1: Enable the System UI Tuner

First of all, you have to add an extra button to the navigation bar which can be only possible through System UI Turner menu.

You need to hold down the gear icon at the top of the enlarge Quick Settings to enable it; the device will show a message ‘Congrats! System UI Tuner has been added to setting’ means that you have successfully enabled System UI Tuner on your device.

Step #2: Add an extra button in navigation bar

After enabling System UI Tuner successfully, Navigate to SettingsSystemSystem UI Tuner and tap on the ‘Navigation bar.’

You will see there some options to add right and left navigation bar button, tap on anyone of them and choose “Keycode” then tap on a new “Right Keycode” or “left Keycode” option as per your preference.

Now the device will ask you to enter a text input code, so enter “171” then tap on “Right icon” and “left icon” and choose the icon that you want to show you as (Picture-in-Picture) PiP icon.

Step #3: Use Picture-in-Picture with YouTube on Android O

Now your navigation bar has the extra button which works as a Picture-in-Picture mode with supported apps. You can try it now by opening YouTube app, then press the new button on the navigation bar that you just added. Now you will see the video continue, but it gets smaller.

Now you can perform any of your task like Browsing, checking Gmail or any other tasks while the YouTube video is running in small screen via new Picture-in-Picture mode.

Although, the Picture-in-Picture mode have some bugs in the Android O Beta, sometime the app may force-close automatically. It doesn’t mean that the update is bad, do not forget that this is just a public beta.

If you have any word about the PiP feature or new Android O, then you can send us your feedback in the commenting section below.