Pro users normally overuse their smartphones and tablets, and this results in eyestrain over a period. You keep staring at the lit display of your OnePlus 6, and you will have the same issue. In case you are using your OnePlus 6 even during the night, you should be more cautious of some bad effects on your eyes. Thankfully, high-end smartphones are equipped with night mode; you need to activate this night mode on your phone, and you can use it when there is a low light situation. Now check how you can enable night mode on your OnePlus 6.

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Once you activate Night Mode on your OnePlus 6, you can also set custom time range for Night Mode. This tutorial will show you how you can turn on night mode on OnePlus 6 in the easiest way.

How to Enable Night Mode on OnePlus 6

Why should I use night mode on my OnePlus 6?

This question might pop up in your mind. Note that almost all smartphones emit blue light, which causes negative effects on your eyes and disturbs your sleep cycle. Even the high-quality screen protectors fail to guard your eyes. When you enable night mode, it minimizes the blue light intake.

How to Turn ON Night Mode on OnePlus 6

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your OnePlus 6.

Step #2. Scroll down and then tap on Display.

Step #3. Now tap on Night Mode.

Step #4. Finally, toggle the switch to turn on Night Mode.

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The night mode is turned on. If you notice carefully, you can see that Effect Strength option is enabled below the Night Mode. You can now adjust the slider by dragging it from left to right for weak to strong effect of night mode.

How to Set a Custom Time Range for Night Mode on OnePlus 6

The above procedure allows you to turn on Night Mode manually. This means you need to activate night mode every day. You may forget to do this on some days, and therefore, you should better use the option to turn on night mode automatically.

Step #1. On the Night mode screen, you must have noticed Scheduled Night Mode; and below this section, there is an option to turn on Night mode automatically.

Step #2. Now, tap on Turn on automatically.

Step #3. Here, choose ‘From’, and set the suitable time for night mode with the help of pop-up clock.

Step #4. Then tap on ‘To’ and set the time when you wish to end Night Mode.

This will initiate the night mode on your OnePlus 6 automatically between your custom set times.

That’s all friends!

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