Whenever I feel like catching the fast-paced news or happenings, Twitter is my go-to app. The micro-blogging app is easily the best when it comes to keep you updated with what’s going on around the world.

Due to work or busy schedules, I am unable to use Twitter during days. Hence, I spare some good time at nights to make the best use of it. Though I really like to tweet and check out the important tweets, I wish to have a special feature that would allow me to use this news app easily during low lights. It is because my eyes begin to strain a bit after using it for the nights.

Guess what? Twitter has just fulfilled my wish by adding Night Mode. When activated it darkens the screen of your device; thereby making it a lot easy to read tweets during low lights. All set to check out how it works? Here you go!

How to Activate or Use Night Mode in Twitter on Android

Activating night mode is pretty straightforward.

Step #1. Launch the Twitter app on your Android smartphone. Then, you have to sign in to the Twitter account.

Step #2. Next up, you need to access the slide-out drawer of the app as usual.

Step #3. Now, check out Night Mode right above Settings. You need to toggle ‘on’ the switch next to it.

That’s all!

If you ever want to turn off night mode, you will have to follow the steps mentioned above and disable it in the end.

There is no official confirmation as to when Twitter will launch night mode on iOS. Hopefully, the company does it sooner than later to let iPhone users also get the best out of it.

Just a few days ago, Twitter allowed everyone to verify their account. Earlier, the news app used to verify the accounts of only brands, major companies or public figures. But now, it has opened it for everyone. However, it verifies accounts only if they are of public interest.

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What do you think of Twitter? How much has it improved in the last few years? Do let us know your invaluable inputs in the comments below.