The talks about Google Pixel is almost everywhere. The talks are not only because it is one of the most advanced Smartphones you will ever see, but it is because the way it offers different things differently. One of those different things in Google Pixel is the Google Assistant.

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Those who have already installed the Google Allo chat messenger on their devices must be aware of how helpful the Google Assistant can be. But right now the Google Assistant can assist you only in Google Allo if you don’t have a Google Pixel phone if you don’t read this article any further.

How to Enable Google Assistant on Any Android Devices

Yes, in other words, we would like to convey that even if you don’t carry or don’t want to purchase Google Pixel phone just for the time being, you can still get the Google Assistant working on your Android phone as smartly as it will on Pixel. But there are certain conditions you need to fulfill and these conditions areā€¦

  • Your Android device must have Android 7.0 Nougat or higher.
  • Your device must have a root access.
  • The latest version of the Google App, which is must be installed on your Android device. An Even higher version of the app shall do the job.

How to Enable Google Assistant on any Android Device Even If It is Not Google Pixel Phone

Here is how you can make Google Assistant working on your Android phone if it is meeting all three conditions mentioned above.

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Step #1. First of all, you need to install ES File Explorer File Manager app from Google Play Store or download it from here. The reason behind this is that you need to replace a line to your root files which is a must.

Step #2. Grant access from the Superuser app for rooting partition.

Step #3. Go to the root partition of your device. You will find the root folder right at the top of the folder tree. Tap on it.

Step #4. From the root directory, you need to access the ‘System’ folder. Please take note that the directory should be mounted as read/write (Mount R/W).

Step #5. Scroll down to “build.prop” file and long press it.

Step #6. In “Options” menu which will appear via a pop-up window on your screen press on “Open with” and then select “Text Editor”.

Step #7. Open the text editor and go straight down to the bottom of the list by scrolling and enter the lines given below.

ro.product.model=Pixel XL

Step #8. If you are done with the entering the above lines then press the menu button and then tap on save to save the changes you have made.

Step #9. Wipe off the cache and data of the Google app, so that you can access Google Assistant without any issue.

Step #10. Restart your Android device once the file has been saved and Google data and cache.

Now let the Google Assistant take over all the assistance you need from it. Do let us know how this tutorial helped you to get the Google Assistant working on your normal Android device. You can give your views here in comments as well as on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.