Nextbit Robin handset based Razer Phone is world’s first smartphone features UltraMotion technology that brings refresh rates up to 120Hz. It means you can precisely see what is going on with the 120Hz display. Hence, the movement of the screen is now silky smooth as the zero lag so that you can enjoy sweet and smooth motion content. So, some people have bought the phone are wondering, how to enable the FPS counter on the Razer Phone. So we are here!

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Well, many games are built-in with FPS counter, and if you have a Razer Phone, then you would love to see games with the 120Hz display to see what’s going on in the game. If you wish to look at content in a smooth motion, then follow this straightforward guide to activate the FPS counter on Razer Phone and enjoy 120Hz variable refresh rate.
How to Enable the FPS counter on the Razer Phone

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How to Activate the FPS counter on the Razer Phone

Well, FPS counter is hidden under the developer option, so you will have to enable the developer option first on your device. If you have already enabled, that’s great!

Step #1. Go to Settings and scroll to About Phone and tap on it.

Step #2. Next, scroll down to the Built Number and tap seven times on it. Then, you will see the message says “you are now a developer.”

Step #3. Now go back to the Settings and tap on Developer Option.

Step #4. Scroll down to the Monitoring section and Enable “Show FPS Value.”

You’re done!

Your feedback?

That was very easy, isn’t it? Once you enabled FPS counter on your Razer Phone, you will see the green numbers, and you can use your finger to move or drag around. According to me, it’s not that that much useful for daily routine, but you can have a bit of fun with your friends.

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