Transferring data between your Android device and computer could be only possible by USB connection. For that, you must enable USB debugging option your Android phone. But, with the revamped Oreo’s settings menu, it becomes tweaked a little bit. Hence, here we are to show you how to enable & disable USB debugging on Android Oreo.

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In every Android device, USB Debugging option not comes as default in settings. It would only appear once you enabled Developer Mode on your device. But, the Developer Mode is just for developers, and it is a little bit hidden deep inside the setting, so you will need to turn on Developer Mode first and then turn on USB debugging option on Android Oreo. Let’s see how to do it!
How To Enable and Disable USB Debugging Option on Android Oreo

How To Enable/Disable USB Debugging Option on Android Oreo

First of all, let me show you how to enable Developer Mode on Android 8.0/8.1 Oreo device.

How to Enable Developer Option on Android Oreo

Step #1. Open Settings on your Android phone.

Go to Settings on Android Oreo runnig deviceStep #2. Next, Tap on About Phone.

Tap on About Phone on Android OreoStep #3. Now Scroll to bottom and tap on Build number option for about 7-8 times, and you will see the message with “now you are a developer.”

Tap on Build number on Android OreoStep #4. Once you have enabled Developer options on Android Oreo, go back to Settings, and you can see the Developer options under the System menu.
Tap on Developer options on Android Oreo

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How to Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android Oreo

Once you turn on Developer Mode on Android 8.0 device, the USB debugging option will automatically establish in the setting. Here’s how to turn it on and off.

Step #1. Go to Settings on your Android phone.

Step #2. Tap on Developer options.

Tap on Developer options on Android OreoStep #3. Scroll down to Debugging and turn on the switch next to USB Debugging.

Turn On the Switch Next to Debugging on Android OreoStep #4. Tap on OK to enable USB debugging.

Tap on OK to Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android OreoYou can also disable USB debugging by toggling off the option.

Disable USB Debugging Mode on Android OreoYou’re done!

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Closing Words

Once you follow these steps, you can activate Developer Option and USB debugging option on your Android Oreo running device. Now go ahead and start transferring data between your Android and computer. If you encounter any issue, feel free to tell us in comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.