Just like Instagram stories have become popular in last few months, Snapchat Stories too are getting momentum. Probably you are new to Snapchat or you haven’t tried Snapchat stories yet because you don’t know the way to create one. So if you want to know how to easily create Snapchat stories on Android and iPhone then here is the simplest way to create them.

In this tutorial, you will not only know how you can create a new story but will also know how to edit it with emojis and also to delete some part of it as well. So this is going to be an all-in-one learning experience for you to learn everything about Snapchat stories. Get ready and pick up your Android or iPhone and start learning about Snapchat stories.

How to Easily Create Snapchat Stories on Android and iPhone

Creating your story on Snapchat is lot easier than you probably think it is. If that is the reason stopping you from creating your own Snapchat story then here is how you can do that by following some simple steps.

Step #1. Launch Snapchat App on your Smartphone.

Step #2. Long press the big circle at the bottom to record a video or just tap to click a picture.

Step #3. Tap on the ‘+’ icon to add the content to your new story.

Step #4. If you wish to add more back to back pictures then tap on ‘+’ sign again.

Step #5. Now tap on ‘Send’ button and your story will be automatically saved.

If you wish to confirm how exactly your story will look like, tap on ‘My Story’ and you can see it. You can even set the time by tapping on the timer icon at the bottom left corner of your screen and decide how longer your friends can watch our story.

Remember, you can add any number of seconds from 1 to 10 and your story will remain for that much time only. You can even create a Snapchat story from your camera roll.

Tips to improve your Snapchat stories

Keep on the arrow pointing down and you can keep your story in your Memories. You can also save your friends’ Snapchat stories as well without letting them know.

Add Emojis by tapping on the first icon at the top of your screen. You can choose various emojis by swiping left and right. Zoom on Emojis to make them look bigger.

Tap on ‘T’ symbol and then you can add text to your story. You can even draw on your story picture with your fingertip.

If you tap on the pencil icon you can draw on your picture as well with plenty of color choices.

By swiping left to right from the edge of your display screen you can add a filter to your picture. You can swipe till you get your choice of image filter.

Erase a picture or video from your Snapchat story

If you have added a picture or a video by mistake, which is understandable then don’t worry. Just go to Stories and tap on the 3 vertical dots on the right that shows your story is on. Tap on the part (picture or video) you want to erase and you will see a trash icon at the bottom of your screen. Tap on it and that part of the Snapchat story is all gone.


You never need to worry about experimenting with Snapchat stories. Only trial and error method can make you perfect using such apps which have a whole lot of fun. Now you even know how to easily create Snapchat stories on Android and iPhone, so just use the tips given above and start using and sharing your interesting Snapchat stories. Did you like this article? Do let us know here in the comments.