At the first look, Google may look like a multi-billion dollar tech company but actually, it is still a marketing company by heart. Just like any ad agency who would involve itself in a survey Google too does the same to make their advertisements more precise and location oriented. But these surveys are not like some of the other surveys which do value your opinion but do not pay the value in return. Google is among those rare marketing company who believes in giving something back to those who have taken time for their opinion and hence they give Google Play Credit on Android in return.

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There are chances that many of you, who are reading this article right now, are not aware of this Google Opinion Rewards. To make the picture clearer let us give info about Google Opinion Rewards is that it is a platform where you can give your opinion via filling up surveys and earn free Google Play credit. These surveys are based on your region. You will be earning virtual money and then you can buy apps, games and much more from the Google App Store.

How to Earn Free Google Play Credit on Android Phone

How to Earn Free Google Play Credit on Android Phone

Sounds interesting? Then why don’t you just follow the following steps and earn some Google Opinion Rewards by yourself?

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Step #1. To fill up region based easy surveys from Google, the first and foremost thing for you is to download the Google Opinion Rewards App from Google Play Store.

Step #2. Once your Google Opinion Rewards app is downloaded and you launch the app it will let you through a tutorial which you can either read or just tap on Skip option.

Step #3. After the tutorials are over you will be asked to fill up your profile which contains simple and personal questions.

Note: Because Google conducts these surveys based on region, you will be asked to give exact information about the demographic you fall in. So you will be offered a survey which is always relevant to you. So do not shy to provide the exact and correct info about your region and also the age so you receive the surveys accordingly.

Step #4. Google will then ask the languages applicable to you according to your region.

Step #5. Finally, it will also ask you to fill up those surveys which do not offer any Google Play Credits. It is up to you whether you accept them or not.

Step #6. Once the above procedure is over you will be informed about your first survey via a notification. Tapping on the notification will take you to the Google Opinion Rewards Survey.

You can then fill up the survey and the Google Credit will be directly credited to your account and you can use them in future.

So what you are waiting for? Just install the app and enjoy the benefits of your opinion which you have never thought about before.

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