It is always fun to use different Android apps on your smartphone, but what if you can use them on your PC itself? Well, there are thousands of apps available on the Google Store and you might ask the question whether you can use all those apps on PC for sure? The answer is Yes! Well, there is one simple way and by using that solution you can actually run all those Android apps on your PC and that solution is called the Android Emulator.

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As the word itself suggests that once downloaded, it will emulate your Android phone on PC and will allow the functions of all the apps you are using now. It will create an Android device like atmosphere on your PC screen and thus your PC will be able to run the Android applications in the same way like your smartphone does. So without taking more time let us know how there are certain emulators available online for free and by using them you can actually bring your entire phone in your PC. So while you are working you need not check your smartphone if there is an important notification.

How to Download and Use Android Emulator for PC

How to Download and Use Android Emulator for PC


Bluestacks - Android Emulator for PC and Mac

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Bluestacks is one of those emulators which run applications only. Most of the people who have emulators want to run their apps only hence this is more user-friendly emulator we have. There is nothing much you need to do, all you need to do is to download the Bluestacks app on your smartphone and also on your PC and that is it. Let us know how you can download and use the Bluestacks on your PC, once you have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store.

Step #1. Download the Bluestacks app player from its website here.

Step #2. Proceed to the installation, without hesitating and open it once the installation is over.

Step #3. Login to your Google account so that you can use those apps you have downloaded from Google Play Store, on your PC.

Step #4. Search for the Bluestacks app in the interface showing on your PC to attach your mobile with your PC. Once you search it click on download.

Step #5. Once your Bluestacks app on your smartphone is paired with your app on the PC, search for the app you want to play on your PC, e.g. Netflix and install it.

Now you can enjoy all the apps on your Android phone on your PC also. But remember do pair your Android phone with your PC via Bluestacks app as mentioned in Step #4 above.

Note: You can even transfer an APK file to your PC by using Bluestacks. So, all in all, it is a really helpful app for sure.

So have you downloaded the Bluestacks emulator on your PC? If yes then do share your experience with us. We are waiting for you at Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus , you can also give your suggestions or feedback here in comments.