I love to give my favorite photos awesome look. Sharing the cool pics on social networking apps, getting a lot of likes and appreciable comments are what drives me the most.

That’s why; Prisma instantly caught my attention and even made me desperately want it. The newest photo editor app turns your pics into amazing artworks based on the styles of famous artists.

Unfortunately, Prisma is yet to be released for Android. Just when I seemed to have to have become too jealous of my friends making the most the incredible artworks on their iPhone/iPad, the app beta has become available for Android. Having been really smitten by its charm, I can’t help trying it out on my Android smartphone. (You can also try out these five best Prisma alternatives for Android in the meantime.)

How to Sign up and Get the Prisma Beta on Android 

Prisma is set to release publicly on Android by the end of this month. As it’s still in beta, you may face some bugs while using it.

Step #1. Head over to Prisma’s official website.

Step #2. Next up, you need to tap on “Sign Up for News” button present on the bottom.

Step #3. Go ahead with the usual process to sign up for it.

You will receive a Google Play link for installing the beta on your device. (You may have to wait for the link as it depends on the developer.)

Direct Link:

You can download PRISMA android APK and start getting the best out if it.

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How Does Prisma Work

Prisma allows you to choose images from your gallery or take a new one.

Then, you need to crop it and change some basic options such as, toggling automatic image savings and toggling the Prisma watermark.

Then, you have to choose one of the several styles including comic-book, cubism, impressionism, paper art, engraving, sketching and more. Select the one you want and then transform it.

That’s all there is to it!

Prisma has been the top iOS app for a couple of weeks as download numbers have already climbed over 7.5 Million and 1.5 Million active daily users. The app has become number one in as many as 40 countries.