It’s great to download Netflix movies and TV shows to watch them offline. You no longer need to burn your cellular data or connect to WiFi all the time to watch the most of your all-time favorite shows. The only downside of it is that those movies or videos would take away a lot valuable internal storage on your phone. To prevent your Android phone from being cluttered, you would want to download Netflix movies to your SD card.

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When you download any movie from Netflix, it’s stored in a nondescript folder on your phone. You would need to manually copy the downloaded files to your SD card. Here is how it works:

How to Download Netflix Movies to SD Card to Save Space on Android Phone

How to Download Netflix Movies to Your SD Card to Save Space on Android Phone

How to Copy Netflix Movies, TV Shows to SD Card Manually

Step #1. Launch your favorite file manager. In this test, I’m going to use Solid Explorer.

Then, you need to enable the option to show hidden files and folders in the file manager. Simply tap on the menu button when browsing → “Folder options” and then make sure to check “Show hidden files.”

Step #2. Next, head over to Phone Storage → Android → data →> → files → Download → .of on your Android phone. Now, you should see all of your downloaded videos.

The movies or TV shows are not saved with their original names. Instead of their original names, they have long random numbers and letters. In order to keep everything simple, I would recommend you to download one movie or episode in one go.

Step #3. Next, you need to press and hold the folder which you want to download. Then, you have to tap on the scissors icon to take it to the clipboard.

Step #4. In the Solid Explorer, simply slide the left panel and tap on your SD card.

Step #5. Next up, head over to the folder in which you wish to store the file.

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Step #6. To paste the files, you need to tap the circular clipboard icon at the bottom right corner.

Step #7. Now, you need to rename the numbered folder.

Note: Make sure to add the name of the TV show to the end and don’t remove the number. Don’t rename or change any of the files in the .of folder as Netflix will not be able to recognize or play them. To prevent things from being messed up, simply add labels when storing those files on your SD card temporarily.

How to Watch Netflix Movies or TV Shows Which You Downloaded on Your SD Card

There is no option to watch these files directly from the SD card. Hence, you will have to transfer them back to your phone, if you want to watch them.

While transferring the files, make sure to remove the name you added to the file. Also, keep the original file name as it was. As mentioned above, if the name is changed, Netflix won’t be able to play it.

Go through the same method mentioned above to move the file from your SD to your Android phone.

Agreed, it’s really painful but it does help you prevent your phone from being cluttered with space.

How to Turn SD Card as Adopted Storage on Android Phone

Want to make things a bit easy-going? You can convert your SD card to an adopted storage on your phone. However, you need to seriously check out its pros and cons before going ahead with the process.


Once you adopt the SD card as a built-in storage, Android will look at it as if it’s part of your phone. Besides, apps will use SD card’s space to store their data seamlessly.


Adopting SD card as the built-in storage of your phone may slow down your phone. Besides, removing it means destroying all the data you have stored.

Step #1. First off, you need to insert the SD card into the Android phone. In case it has already been inserted, you have to remove it and then reinsert it.

Step #2. You should see a notification on your phone telling a new drive is detected. Tap “Set Up” in the notification.

Step #3. Now, tap on “Use as internal storage.”

Step #4. Next, you would be asked to move extra data to the SD card. Navigate to Settings → Storage → SD Card → Migrate Data and get the job done.

That’s all there is to it!

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