Google has opened gates for its 100 Million Android users to experience Augmented Reality (AR). Google’s ARCore is the new smartphone app, which will allow users to feel and explore an AR Technology. WIth this ARCore project, Google is planning to bring this technology to all Android users without requiring any additional hardware. So, you can download and play with Augmented Reality on your Android phone in near future.

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The first version of ARCore is available to Download and currently supported devices are Google Pixel, Pixel XL, and Samsung Galaxy S8. The ARCore will work with Android Nougat and Oreo. This is exciting but the question is how to download and install ARCore app? This post is all about an easy process to download and install Google ARCore on any Android Phone.
How to Install Google ARCore on Any Android Phone

How to Get Google ARCore on any Android phone

If you want to download and install Google ARCore on your Android phone, make sure that your phone is running Android 7.0 or the latest version.

Step #1. Download and install the modded ARCore Service APK on your Android phone.

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Download and install the modded ARCore Service APK on your Android phoneStep #2. Next, download and install Hello AR APK file which is based on ARCore platform on your Android phone.

Download and install Hello AR APK file on your Android phoneStep #3. Once you installed both above APKs, launch the Hello AR app it will show you a camera interface. You will need to point out the camera on the plain surface and then tap on the screen to add some AR props.

Google ARCore Video:

That’s it! Once you add any props, they will always show up at the same place whether you move the camera or not. You will need to re-open the app to remove that prop from the screen.

Well, the Augmented Reality is persistently growing; it is the next trend in the smartphone market. We assumed it will come to most of the smartphone by the end of this year. As for now, try out above-mentioned steps and let us know that your device supports ARCore.

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