It’s really great to upload funny videos on Facebook. Whenever I come across any interesting video, I don’t fail to share it with my friends. At the same time, I make sure to check out the interesting videos shared by my friends.

Downloading Facebook videos is a bit complicated. I wish the social networking app made it straightforward. Fortunately, there are some handy tricks through which you can easily download not only your but also your friends’ Facebook videos. Here is how it works.

How to Download Your Facebook Videos

Step #1. Go to on your computer and sign in to your account.

Step #2. Head over to your profile page and then click “Photos” tab.

Step #3. To check out your uploaded videos, you have to click on “Albums” followed by “Videos” album.

Step #4. Next, you have to open the video in full size which you wish to download.

Step #5. Click on the “Options” button located at the bottom of the video and choose “Download SD” option.

Download Your Friend’s Facebook Video

Step #1. To download your friends’ video, you will have to click on the video which you want to download and then go to the address bar and change “” to

Step #2. The mobile version of the page with the video will open.

Step #3. You have to tap on the video to play it.

Step #4. You will be prompted to save the video in .zip file. Then click on “Save” and select a location to install.

Step #5. The .zip file will include the video from your Facebook account.

On “Firefox browser”, you have to right-click the video and choose “Save Link as…” Then select the location to save the video.

On “Chrome browser”, you have to play and right-click the video and select “Save video as…” option and then select the location to save the video.

On “Internet Explorer browser”, you need to right-click the video icon and click “Save target as…” and then select the location to save the video.

That’s done!

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How to Download Facebook Videos on Android

There are also a number of third-party apps like ES File Explorer that allow you to download Facebook videos on your Android smartphone.

Step #1. Launch Facebook app on your Android phone.

Step #2. Now, tap on Photos tab. Then, tap on Album and navigate to the video you wish to download on your phone.

Step #3. Tap the [> sign] which is at the right side of the video.

Step #4. Click the option which says ‘Save (video name)’.

Step #5. Now, you have to click video option.

Step #6. The video will now be saved in your Facebook profile logs. Now, you need to go back to the newsfeed normal timeline.

Step #7. Next up, you will have to tap the three bars options tab above the video.

Step #8. Tap on ‘Saved’ tab from the options pane.

Step #9. Tap on the saved video. You will have different options about how you wish your video to play.

Step #10. Up next, you need to tap the ‘ES Downloader’ option. Now, the Facebook video will start downloading on your phone. Have patience and let the process be completed successfully.

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