Are an Android user only? Then let me tell you that your entire digital life has been stored by Google on its servers. All your photos, documents, emails, videos and many other data you have shared via your Android devices are saved with Google. So, imagine just in case you lose control over your Google account then?

I know, you must have already felt jitters by just imagining that you have lost your Google account. Sometimes even Google can also discontinue your account and believe me it has got right to do that if it found something unusual in your account. The reason may be anything and one fine morning you may find that you will not be holding your Google account anymore.

How to Download All Your Google Account Data

So, it is always a better idea to get the backup or download of your all Google account data on your hard disk or even on your cloud account. You can recover your permanently deleted Gmail account but what about rest of the Google services you are using? Here is the solution in few easy steps.

How to Download All Your Google Account Data – Email, Photos, Videos & More

Step #1. Head towards Google Takeout website which will do the entire download process for you.

Step #2. Here you will find all your Google accounts with a toggle switch. Select the accounts for which you wish to download the data by keeping the toggle to ON, rest you can turn OFF.

Select the accounts for which you wish to download the data

Step #3. Now, click on ‘Next’ right at the bottom of your screen.

Click on Next

Step #4. Now, you will be prompted to choose between different archive sizes. We recommend choosing ‘.zip’ format as it will give you the maximum compatibility. Although for the archive size the default 2GB works fine with most of the users.

Choose between different archive sizes

Step #5. Select how you want your data to be delivered. You can choose either ‘Send download link via email’ or directly to your cloud accounts like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Choose either Send download link via email or directly to your cloud accounts

Note: If you want to deliver your data to Google Drive then make sure it is the other Google account you have and not the same. If you are using a cloud platform which is other than Google Drive then you will need to log in with its credentials to confirm.

Step #6. Once the above steps are done click on ‘Create archive’.

Once the above steps are done Click on Create archive

Now Google will take its own sweet time to gather your entire data and then export it to your desired location which you selected in Step #5. It all depends on how bigger your data is and once Google is ready with your data it will be exported to your Gmail or to your cloud account.

Remember, if you have asked for a link delivered to your Gmail for your Google data, then it will remain live for next 7 days only, so make sure that you download your entire Google data within that stipulated time.


Once you have downloaded the Google data make sure you take a backup on an external hard drive so it remains safe. So, now feel free about your entire Google data as it will remain with you always even if anything unwanted happens with your Google account.

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