For Sure, Apple has released the biggest watchOS 4 updates at the annual WWDC 2017 keynote. The company has announced some new wonderful features Siri’s face, Kaleidoscope face, new workout apps, and much more in latest watchOS. Have you found any interesting in the new upgrade? If not, then you must be looking for the way to downgrade from watchOS 4 Beta 4 to watchOS 3 on your Apple Watch.

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Even with all excellent features, some Apple Watch users are not withstanding with installed watchOS 4 on their smartwatch. Although, due to some bugs; especially UI-related bugs in the watchOS 4 beta 4 cannot let smartwatch owners use it smoothly. If you have decided to go back to the stable version of the OS, let me walk you through the procedure to downgrade watchOS 4 beta 4 to watchOS 3.

Once you have downloaded and Install watchOS 4 beta on your Apple Watch, then there is no way to downgrade watchOS 4 to the previous version by yourself at home. Even, there is no firmware file available to get the public OS back. Fortunately, there is an only way to downgrade your wacthOS 4 beta 4 is that you need to send it to the Apple for a few day by below procedure.

How to Downgrade watchOS 4 Beta to watchOS 3 on Apple WatchHow to Downgrade from watchOS 4 Beta 4 to watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

Ensure to check out following points before stepping to the process.

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  • You cannot be restored to the previous version until you are willing to get assist from Apple Team.
  • You need to send it to the Apple for service; it can take up to 5 days.
  • Apple will restore the current GM version of the watchOS.
  • Apple’s Retail Store and Authorised Service provider cannot provide this service.
  • The downgrade Apple watchOS service is available in a few countries such are USA, UK, Spain, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, and Switzerland.

Steps to Downgrade watchOS 4 Beta 4 to watchOS 3

Step #1. Go to Apple Support page.

Step #2. Select “Apple Watch.”

Step #3. Click on Setup & Usage.

Step #4. Next, you need to select Updating my Apple Watch OS.

Step #5. Click on Talk to Apple Support Team.

Step #6. Enter the Serial Number (Settings→ General →About → Scroll down and see the serial number)

Once you followed these steps, and then you need to ship your Apple watch to Apple for service. It will take minimum 3 business days to lower your Apple watchOS 4 to the stable version.

You are done!

This is all you need to do to get the watchOS 3 from the watchOS 4 beta 4. May I know why you decided to downgrade to the previous version? Feel free to tell us in the commenting and head over to our social media pages.