The popularity of Twitter in the last couple of years has been increasing in leaps and bounces. With plenty of celebrities using Twitter as an important tool to remain touch with fans directly, it has increased its worth as well. On the other side, Twitter too has improved itself by adding some of the mind blowing features like quoting Tweet with the original text, inserting GIF images into a tweet and the latest one is adding a video.

The video length was restricted to 15 to 20 seconds when it was first started, but since this feature has gained the momentum the current length of the Twitter video can even go beyond 3 minutes. If this increase in the time limit of the video shows the popularity of the feature then it has also become irritating for many of its users as well. If you are an iPhone or Android users and when you are on Twitter, scrolling down your Time Line you probably have got annoyed to see a video getting started automatically. This is annoying for sure, but at the same time it also eats out your valued data plan when you are away from your WiFi connection.

How to Disable Video Auto-Play on Twitter for iPhone and Android

No matter how the Twitter Videos are annoying, there is a solution to it and you can actually disable them, here is how you can do that.

For iPhone Users:

Step #1. Just open the Twitter app on iPhone.

Step #2. Once the app is open, you will see a ‘Me’ icon at the lower-right corner of your screen, Just tap on it.

Step #3. Here you will see a ‘gear’ like icon just next or above your Twitter handle is

Step #4. Among the options you will get from the pop-up box appeared, select ‘Settings’.

Step #5. Next, Tap on Data then again tap on Video autoplay option.

Step #6. Finally, Choose ‘Never play videos automatically.’

For Android Users:

Step #1. Launch the Twitter app on your Android device.

Step #2. Tap on Profile. Here you will see Settings option, Just tap on it.

Step #3. Next, Under General, Select ‘Data’ option, Then Tap on ‘Video autoplay.’

Step #4. Here, Select ‘Never play videos automatically.’

This is it. If you will follow the above steps carefully then you will never get those annoying Twitter videos getting auto-played when you are using your data plan.