Google Assistant is the best thing happened to the internet. The voice search assistant from Google can give you the best results if you know some of the best Google Assistant tips and tricks. But at the same time, it can give you pain as well. If you got kids in your home, then you would certainly like to disable profanity filter in Google Assistant.

Although Google Assistant is not at all consistent when it comes to blocking abusive or profanity filled words, we should make sure that our device has at least the minimum security which is currently possible. So here we are with the simple process which should allow you to filter abusive words while searching for Google Assistant.

How to disable the Profanity Filter in Google Assistant on Android Device

Step #1. Long press your Android smartphone’s home button to activate Google Assistant.

Step #2. Now, Tap on the Menu icon on the right side and then tap on Settings.

Step #3. Scroll down, Find ‘Voice’ and then tap on it and then Turn off the switch next to Block offensive words option.

The above process will work only for Android smartphones having OS Marshmallow or above. Those readers who have older Android smartphones should continue with the below-mentioned process.

Step #1. Go to Settings app on your smartphone and scroll down to ‘Languages & Input’ and tap on it.

Step #2. Next, Tap on ‘Virtual keyboard’ option and then tap on ‘Google voice typing.’

Step #3. Now, Turn off the switch next to ‘Block offensive words’ option.

This should help you to disable the profanity filter on any of your Android smartphone having Google Assistant. Whether you have a smartphone which is having Marshmallow, above or below either of the process prescribed above should work.

Do let us know how this tutorial helped you to get rid of a major worry of filtering offensive words on Google Assistant. You can drop down your feedback here in the comments section.