Have you ever faced difficulty after turning talk back mode on? You will never find your phone to be functional as it used to before right from the moment you turn the option on.

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Yeah, it is quite useful to have your phone read what is shown on your screen. But since then, you will find the usual tap or swipe just don’t work. That’s when you realize it does more harm than good and, you want to turn it off? Then what next?

How to Disable Talk Back Mode on Android Devices

How to Disable Talk Back Mode on Android Devices

You may find the names of options may be slightly different from manufacturer to manufacturer. But the core process remains the same.

Are you ready to find out how you can disable talk back mode on Android? Here you go.

Step #1. I assume that your phone is locked. If you have regular swipe to unlock option enabled, you will find it difficult to unlock your phone as always. It is because the talk back option makes things tricky.

When you try to unlock your phone by swiping a finger, it will not unlock. And, you must know that the very same process should be done with two of your fingers. Also, the fingers must stay far apart. Or else, the device will assume that you are using only one finger.

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So just use two fingers with a little space between them to do the unlock action.

Step #2. Hurray! You have overcome the first chaos haunted you. It’s time to disable talk back. First you have to open Accessibility settings. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done as your phone has an extra option turned on that makes the scene hard.

As a first step to disabling talk back, open the notification panel. You need to swipe the fingers from top to bottom to get the same. As I said earlier, you need to use two of your fingers with a little space between them here.

Step #3. You can see Settings icon there. Don’t hesitate to open it because settings panel is the gateway to accessibility. Once you open Settings, use two fingers to scroll down to accessibility.

Here comes the tricky part. You can’t open it with a single tap. Instead, you have to touch it once and tap twice after that.

Step #4. Now you have accessibility tab opened. Do the same to talk back as you have just opened accessibility

Step #5. You will get an on/off switch here. Just double tap on Off to disable talk back. And, do the same to Ok button as well.

Wrapping Up

That’s all. I hope you now know how to disable talk back on Android.

You might have faced some issues with it at least in the past. And, whenever your friend or relative or you yourself face an issue with it, the solution is not a farfetched one. In case you have any doubt, feel free to comment down below.

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