Social media is the best place to show your creativity and get the praise instantly. Like in the outside world here also there are some elements online, who express their view in irritating or disturbing manner. Instagram is also an open place where you can share your photography skills, but there are certain comments, which you feel you can disable. To help you here we are with a tutorial on how to disable comments on Instagram posts on Android and iPhone.

There are two distinguish methods which will help you to stop your followers and others from commenting on your Instagram posts. One method is to disable commenting on your new Instagram post and the second method is to disable commenting on an already posted Instagram post. We will also let you know on how you can enable comments on a particular post as well. So are we ready to learn something good today?

How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram Photos on Android or iPhone

Step #1. Launch Instagram app on your Smartphone.

Step #2. Tap on the ‘+’ button to add a new post from your smartphone gallery.

Step #3. Select the photo you want to upload to Instagram from gallery and tap on ‘Next’.

Step #4. Add the filter you like to from the options given below the selected picture and tap on ‘Next’.

Step #5. Now, Tap on Advanced Settings at the very bottom of your screen.

Step #6. Here you will find a toggle switch just next to ‘Turn Off Commenting’ option, tap on the switch to enable the option.

Step #7. Tap on ‘Back icon’ on the top left of your screen, then write any caption and tap on ‘Share’ button to share the post.

With this now you have successfully disabled comments on your new Instagram post.

How to Disable Comments from Existing Instagram Posts on Android or iPhone

Step #1. Launch Instagram app on your Smartphone.

Step #2. Tap on the ‘Profile’ icon, then select any post from the list of your already published post.

Step #3. Tap on the three horizontal dots on the top right corner just above your post.

Step #4. Select ‘Turn Off Commenting’ option from the list of options popped up.

Now no one can comment on this particular post.

Note: If you want to turn on commenting in future just follow the above steps and in Step #4, select ‘Turn On Commenting’ and your followers will be again able to comment on that picture.

The process we furnished above is as easy as to save posts to view later in Instagram on Android and iPhone. So now keep your worries behind and make your Instagram posts protected from irrelevant comments. The only drawback is that even your known followers will also not be able to comment.

We would like to know how this tutorial helped you in disabling comments on Instagram on your Android or iPhone. Please give your feedback here in the comments section.