Oreo 8.0, a well-received version of Android community and it totally surprised us with its bunch of amazing features. One among them is its concern for the device’s battery. It keeps us informed about the apps that are running in the background and which are eating more battery, through its notifications. Now, as the saying goes, “anything in excess is a poison,” the constant battery usage notification in Android O is also annoying to the users.

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Before you consider this notification as a villain, let us tell you why it keeps coming and why to disable it. The older version of an Android which has no ability to detect apps running in the background and eating the battery life. But Android Oreo covered this issue very well and shows the notifications.

Now, why to disable it? It’s upon you. If you think those notification are not relevantĀ and you want to turn off them then follow our guide to know how to disable constant ‘battery usage’ notification on Android Oreo. (Head over to this post to know how to hide Android Oreo ‘App is running in the background’ persistent notification)

How To Disable or Enable Constant Battery Usage Notification On Android Oreo

How To Disable Constant ‘Battery Usage’ Notification On Android Oreo

Step #1. Swipe down the notification tray on your Android Oreo device.

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Step #2. Here you’ll see “using battery” notification.

Step #3. Now, Tap and hold on the Notification until it changes and shows a toggle.

Step #4. Next, Tap Toggle and make sure it grays out.

Step #5. Select Done to disable the “using battery” notification.

Now you are free from the bothering “battery using” notification.

How To Enable Constant ‘Battery Usage’ Notification On Android Oreo

Step #1. Go to Settings on Android Oreo device.

Step #2. Now, tap on Apps & notifications

Step #3. Tap on App info.

Step #4. Now, tap on the three-dot menu icon and select Show system.

Step #5. Next, tap on Android System. Select App notifications.

Step #6. Locate Apps consuming battery and Turn On the switch.

After enabling the battery usage notification on Android Oreo, you can see a persistent icon in the top bar.

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Closing thoughts

We know notifications are annoying but sometimes you can miss the important ones. But then, the choice is yours, we just showed the way here, to take it or not is completely up to you. Let us know how helpful was this guide for you by dropping your valuable comments below or share it on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.