Just like in real life even on cyber life sometimes you want to get rid of everything and go to hibernation to find some nirvana. It is not your fault because every day from morning to night we are highly engrossed with various internet activities and sometimes we feel that we have enough of it now and let me get rid of it maybe for a while or forever.

Deleting yourself from the internet is not impossible but it is not as easy as removing your old posts from Facebook timeline either. Remember once you are on the internet you don’t remain a private person, some way or the other your personal info will always be out there with the rest of the world. So before you have decided to remove yourself from the internet, you may still remain somewhere in some capacity. If you are ready to accept the fact then let us know which ways can be helpful to you to get rid of internet permanently.

How to Delete Yourself from the Internet

How to Delete Yourself from the Internet: 6 Different Methods

Method #1: Deleting Accounts Manually from Various Social Sites

You must be part of various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and yes not to forget Pinterest, MySpace as well. Plus entertainment sites like Netflix or shopping websites like Amazon too should be remembered as well. So it is better to make a list of the sites where you have registered yourself with a cool head. Try and remember as much as you can.

Then find some time and log into each the accounts you have registered with and start selecting the options to delete your account. You will find this option in settings or under privacy or security options. If there is no option for deletion then try deactivation. If you are still not finding it then Google it by writing “How to delete…” and then write the account name you want to delete. If there is no delete or deactivation option at all then change your details, in other words, make your profile a fake one.

Method #2: Get Rid of Data Collection Sites

DeleteMe - Protect Your Personal Data And Reputation Online

Till now you might have allowed many data collection sites to get your data. These websites share the data collected from you to interested parties so that they can advertise more specifically. The problem with deleting yourself from such sites is that not all sites allow you to just delete yourself from their site. Some even ask for your identity proofs by sending them fax etc. So, in short, you probably need to get involved in a lot of physical work.

The best option to get rid of all these sites is to use services like DeleteMe at Abine.com. They will charge you $130 dollars per year for the membership but what it will do in return is that they will go through all the sites for you and check whether your name has been re-added in last few months or not and then will delete your details from such sites.

Method #3: Removing your Posts from Various Sites

When you were all over the internet you might have indiscreetly posted some blog or some comments and now you want to remove them as you want to wipe off your identity from the internet itself. What you need to do is to contact the webmaster of that website where you think your post should be deleted forever. You can find webmasters under About US o Contact US tabs in most of such websites.

If you don’t find a capable person in a particular website then try whois.com. On its search bar type the website address of which you want to contact the webmaster. You probably get the information about that website there. But remember one thing; once you are in contact with the webmaster he is under no obligation to remove your post. So just pray that you are the lucky one.

Method #4: Removing your Sensitive Info from Websites

Removing Content From Google

Not all the websites but Google do give you a chance to remove sensitive matters from its entire platform even if its webmaster is not ready. These sensitive details can be anything, from Social Security number to credit or debit card number or even bank account details. All you need to do is to send a legal request to Google and fill up the details you are asked to. Google will process your request and if it finds it to be true it will remove it.

Method #5: Remove your Old Details

Reasons for denial of information removal by Google

If you have probably changed your jobs for numerous times and when you search your name on Google your previous job details still show up then you probably like to delete them, especially when you want to delete yourself from the internet itself. What you can do is to send a request to Google by giving your reasons for denial of information removal. Google will then remove your old and un-updated information after completing the certain process. The same facility is available with Bing as well.

Method #6: Removing your Email Accounts

Yes, you will need to remove all your email accounts to get yourself removed from the internet totally. Just like what you did while deleting or deactivating your social media accounts you need to do the same for your email accounts as well. Remember most of the email providers take a certain amount of time before finally deleting your account so if you try to check whether your account has been removed or not within that hour they may get reactivated.


We must make you remember again that these solutions are not sure shots. This process will only allow a major portion of your internet life to be removed and there are possibilities that you are not totally removed. Do you think this article helped you on such sensitive matter?

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