How to Delete the Snapchat Account Permanently

If you are habituated to learn about the present and forget about future in a hurry then Snapchat is probably made for you. Just like the nature of a certain people mentioned here, Snapchat too works for a temporary period of time and probably it has become popular because of such unique feature only. The photos and videos posted on Snapchat disappear forever after a while. If you are no longer fan of the Snapchat app and want the app itself to disappear forever then it is possible as well.

To delete Snapchat or any social media account for that matter, permanently, you first need to make your mind ready about the same. So if you are really ‘ready’ to delete your Snapchat app then just follow the simple procedure given below just now.

How to Delete the Snapchat Account Permanently

How to Delete the Snapchat Account Permanently

Step #1. As you can’t delete your Snapchat account from the app itself, all you need to do is to open the browser and go to

Step #2. Now enter your Snapchat registered username and password.

Step #3. Check the box to confirm that you are real and not a robot.

Step #4. Now click or tap on “Log in”.

Step #5. It will again ask you to enter your username and password again, do it.

Step #6. Right at the bottom of the screen you will find “Delete my Account” option, select it.

You are already done with deleting your Snapchat account permanently but Snapchat will keep your record for one month, just in case you are encountered with a change of mind.

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Signing Off

Few things are really hard to dissolve after we get rid of them because they somehow have become part of our lives. So if you feel that you shouldn’t have deleted your Snapchat account permanently, despite making your mind earlier, then as we have said you still got one month to reconnect.

The choice is entirely yours!

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