First Text, then voice and now visual, Google is making our search activity easier day by day. Google Lens, an AI-powered technology introduced into Pixel phones by Google, which further moved to other Android phones and now to iPhone, acts as a visual search engine. Though Google keeps records of our search for our own good, sometimes it can become risky or embarrassing. To avoid that, you need to delete your Google Lens activity like images, searches, etc so as others don’t know what images were searched recently.

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Unfortunately, Clearing Google lens history option is not available on Android or iOS devices. You need to visit Google activity page in your Web browser on Computer to delete Google lens activity from your Google Account. Let’s check out how it works!

How to Delete Google Lens Activity from Google Account

How to Delete Google Lens History from Google Account

Step #1. Head over to Google Lens activity page and log in to your Google account on your PC.

Step #2. Now, You will be directed to a page dedicated to ‘My Activity’ where all your visual search activity will be displayed along with the images you searched in a card format.

Google Lens Activity Page on Google Account

Step #3. Next, Click on the menu (three dots) on the right side of the card you want to delete and tap on ‘Delete.’ That’s it! Your particular search will be permanently deleted from your timeline.

Click on Menu and Select Delete to Delete particular Google Lens Activity

Deleting your search one-by-one can be quite boring and time-consuming. As a solution to that,

Step #4. You need to Click on the ‘Delete activity by’ option on the left of your menu bar.

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Click on Delete activity by on Google Account

Step #5. Now you need to select the time-period for which you want to delete the history and click on the ‘Delete’ button.

Select Time Period for which you want to delete the history and Click on Delete

Wait as you may get multiple confirmation pop-ups while deleting them.

Click on Delete to Confirm

When all done, you’ll get a confirmation message that all your Google Lens activity has been deleted.


Even though Google Lens is a great feature that makes our search simpler and easier, not everyone likes his/her search to appear publicly. But remember, erasing your search history will only make it disappear from your personally-identifiable metadata and not actually from Google’s servers, but at least it will remain private to those using your device.

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