As Samsung’s new flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 is getting used by its users, we start to learn about its great features. One of the best features this smartphone has is to launch the Galaxy S8 camera with the power button quickly. You can even customize the Galaxy S8 navigation bar and home button, and for that only we are here with this tutorial.

Galaxy S8 has buttons and status bar – the back, home and recent apps keys, which you can notice at the very bottom of your screen. All these functions are part of the display, and you can easily control them.

Here are some of the important features, which you can control and customize on your own.

How to customize the Galaxy S8 Navigation Bar and Home Button

First, All you need to do this:

Settings → Display section → Navigation bar

Background Color:

Although this feature works with Samsung’s apps, it is worth looking at. You can now change the background color with the same named option. It will change the lower area behind the on-screen buttons. The White color is a default color, and you got five more color options with a color wheel, which you can use to change the color of your likings.

Unlock with Home Button:

With the physical home button all gone you need to press the virtual home button to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8. When you press that button, it will take you to the unlocking screen where you need to select the unlock options you set. These options can be PIN, pattern, irises or even face unlock or also the good old swipe to unlock. If you have set up the fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S8/S8 Plus then naturally you won’t need the lock screen option.

Button layout:

Samsung Galaxy S8’s keys are arranged in the same manner just like the other Samsung smartphones have by default. But if you wish to switch the layout then you can also change it by turning it to back – home – recent.

Home Button Sensitivity:

There are five levels of sensitivity for the home button of Galaxy S8. The level of sensitivity you decide will let you press the screen hard or soft on the home key.These are the features which will enable you to customize the Galaxy S8 navigation bar and home button. Hope this tutorial will help you to use your Galaxy S8 in much better way.

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