Playing Pokémon Go is an adventure as it uses your smartphone camera to use real-world pathways and give a real feel. So, now you can change the way your trainer look in Pokémon Go. Hence, you can change hairstyle, outfit, and gender as per your preference to get a much realistic feel while playing the game.

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Well, If you are running Pokémon Go app Android version 0.31 or later then you can now easily customize your Pokémon Go Avatar. So, are you ready to charge Pokemon trainer’s costume, hairstyle, skin color and, gender? Let’s take a look at how to customize Pokémon Go trainer avatar on Android phone.

How to Customize Pokémon Go Trainer Avatar on Android Phone

How to Customize Pokémon Go Trainer Avatar on Android

Step #1. Just open Pokémon Go app on your android device and tap on your current trainer Avatar at the bottom of the screen. The app manager has recently made some changes to the app, especially on the User Interface side.

Open Pokémon Go app, then tap on your current trainer Avatar

Step #2. Once you tap the current trainer Avatar your screen will show you a floating button (“☰”) right at the bottom, which will enable you to access some additional options. Remember after the recent updates the ‘Journal’ option has been moved inside of it.

tap the current trainer Avatar in floating button

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Step #3. Now tap that floating button on your screen and you will see two options there; one is Journal and the other one is Customize. Tap on Customize option.

Tap on Customize option

Step #4. After tapping the above-said option you first need to change the gender of your trainer Avatar. There are many of you who might not have given enough attention to this feature when you first downloaded the game.

After tapping there are so many option to change of your trainer Avatar

Step #5. After finishing the customization of your Avatar, do not forget to check the little button shown at the bottom right of your screen to save your changes. There you are, now your Avatar is successfully changed.

Check the little button, then Confirm Again

Finishing Up

We are sure that this article will certainly help you to change your Pokémon Go Avatar frequently on your Android device and as per your ongoing mood. Remember, your new Avatar will now be updated all across the board according to your desired controls.

Well, there are more updates expected. We will soon see some exciting changes to the game. Whatever the changes, maybe one can certainly hope that they will remain good for your battery life right?

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