We have already made a post about OnePlus 3 hidden features, which are concealed a bit deep in the settings. However, we thought it would be really cool to make a post regarding how to customize OnePlus 3 smartly.

If you have just bought this gorgeous smartphone, you would love to implement these customization tips to personalize the device to your heart’s liking. Let’s cross over to have a glance at them!

How to Customize OnePlus 3 Elegantly

Fabulous Personalization

  • Simply long press on the Home screen to bring up three options: wallpapers, widgets and customize. While the first two are exclusive Android features, the last one is specifically designed to personalize your smartphone.
  • You have as many as four different cards. Every card has a different category of settings which you can change as desired.
  • You will see Shelf toggle as well as quick gesture settings for search and notifications in Gestures.
  • Search allows you to change the look of the Google search bar or completely turn it off.
  • You can set up icons and app drawer as per your liking to personalize the overall look of the phone.
  • In Customize settings, you can turn off the OnePlus 3’s Shelf feature, increase or decrease the size of the app icons, and change the app drawer grid layout size and more.

Excellent Custom Color Scheme

Turn On Dark Mode

Step #1. Launch Settings on your Android smartphone.

Step #2. Next up, tap on Customization.

Step #3. In the customization settings, you have the option to enable Dark Mode, which changes apps into the dark color scheme.

  • Dark Mode helps reduce the strain on the eyes while using the device in the dimly lit environment.
  • Dark Mode makes a lot convenient to let you use your device at the dimly-lit environment as it reduces the strain on the eyes.

LED Notification

Do you want to enable LED notifications on your device? Personally, I like this feature. You also have the option to turn on/off LED notifications in the customization settings.

Remove System Icons from the Status Bar

You can get rid of the system icons from the Status Bar on your device. As for instance, you will be able to remove Bluetooth, Wi-Fi icon from the Status Bar.

Open the Status Bar listing and remove the icons which you don’t want to display.

Customize Buttons

There are capacitive buttons, which function as the standard Android back or app-switching buttons, on the either side of the fingerprint sensor. They work smartly as app switching buttons. However, you have the option to disable them and use on-screen buttons.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your device.

Step #2. Next up, you have to tap on Buttons.

Step #3. On-screen navigation bar will open where you can change the functionality of each button. As for instance, you will be able to place the back button on the left side of the home button and multi-task to the right on your OnePlus 3.

Moreover, it allows you to set custom shortcuts based on a long-press or double-tapping the back, recent or home buttons.

That’s it! Have you found any interesting way to customize this phone smartly? Do let us know in the comments below.