Apple is persistently expanding its “how to shoot on iPhone 7” section day-by-day with some amazing tutorial clips. Yesterday, Apple simultaneously released two new video clips “how to customize memories on iPhone 7” and “how to share memories on iPhone 7” to grow your memories section. Apple offered a great camera on the iPhone 7, that’s amazing. It allows users to take 360-degree photos and use portrait mode on iPhone 7.

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With the help of new customization memory feature on iPhone 7, you will be able to adjust things like music, mood, and more to make your memories more attractive. You can select several moods like dreamy, gentle, chill, happy, and more option in the memories with change the style and music to match your loving photos, place, and times. In any case, If you want to capture a fast moving event then you can choose “Epic, ” or you can select “Chil” for your slow-motion videos. So, it’s time to add more customization in your memories, Let see how to customize and share Photos memories on iPhone 7.

How to Customize Memories in Photo app on iPhone 7As of now, customizing memory feature works on iOS 10, and soon it is expected to arrive in a stable version of iOS 11.

How to Customize and Share Photos Memories on iPhone 7

Step #1. Launch Photo app on your iPhone 7.

Step #2. Tap Memories in the Photo app.

Step #3. Tap on the Play button.

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Step #4. Next, pause the slideshow by tapping on the Pause button up at the bottom.

Step #5. Tap to browse Moods and scroll to choose a Custom option. Now, you can customize your memories here with the Custom option. You can easily edit and change clip length, photo selection, single clip trimming, and more customization in the memories.

Step #6. Pause the memory slideshow and tap on the Share button at the bottom left corner.

Step #7. Tap on Save Video.

That’s it!

Now your new customized memory video is ready on iPhone 7; you can share customized memory to your friends and family on Facebook with iOS sheet functionality. You just need to tap on the share button on the bottom left corner and select Facebook or another medium to share it. You can also add the caption with your memory video while you share.

Apple Tutorial Video: How to customize memories on iPhone 7

Apple Tutorial Video: How to share memories on iPhone 7

The company has recently launched the iOS 11 with some new features to the Memories. The new Memories feature in iOS 11 allows users to find kids, pets, place, and more memories easily with the new category option. Whether you have shot the picture with your iPhone or from another device, you can attach every photo in your favorite memories.

This is how you can customize your Memories movies by choosing from a number of preselected moods and music right from the Photo app on your iPhone 7.

Have you found this feature interesting? Let us know your thought about the new Customize memory feature on iPhone 7 in the comments.