Google seems like expanding amazing customization options on Android O. The biggest search giant has added the new experimental feature in System Turner that allows you to edit/customize lock screen shortcuts in Android O. That’s amazing! Now you can easily customize the two shortcuts those are present on the Lock Screen. You can find the lock screen customization option under the System UI tuner; you can choose two different shortcuts instead of the default camera and dialer. Let’s see how to Customize Lock Screen Shortcuts in Android O.

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Previously, in the Android 7, you could not customize the lock screen shortcuts. The lock screen shortcuts are the apps that can launch by swiping left or right on your Android device. There were camera app and phone dialler app used as the lock screen shortcuts. Thankfully, the new Android O update brings the customize lock screen shortcuts for all Android user. Means, you can add your favorite app on the lock screen. Let’s get started to customize lock screen shortcuts in Android O.

How to Customize Lock Screen Shortcuts in Android O

How to Customize Lock Screen Shortcuts in Android O

Step #1. Open the Settings app on your Android O running device.

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Step #2. Scroll down and tap on System.

Step #3. Next up, tap on System UI Tuner.

Step #4. Tap on the Lock Screen option.

Step #5. You will find the “Left Shortcuts” and “Right Shortcuts”. Here, you can edit either one or both left and right shortcuts. The right shortcuts will show at the bottom right corner of the lock screen when you swipe left and the left shortcuts show up on the bottom left corner on the lock screen when you swipe right. Hence, you can tap on the shortcuts-left or right that you want to customize.

Step #6. Select the apps that you want to add on your lock screen.

You’re done!

Once you set an Android O Lock Screen shortcuts to something new, then you will be asked to toggle to control if you want to your phone to be unlocked when you use the shortcuts.

This is how you can customize lock screen shortcuts in Android O. Well, it sounds great that the feature allows you to set apps to launch via shortcuts as well as you cab ally app shortcuts with the lock screen shortcuts in Android O on your device. So, now you can add your favorite apps such are WhatsApp, new Chrome app, quick settings and more on your lock screen on your device running latest Android O aka Android 8.

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Google has made the big alteration in Android 6 by adding the System UI Tuner, and now the search giant is making in more useful in Android O. We should thank Google for it.

Have found this customize lock screen shortcuts feature worthwhile in Android O? I personally use this feature to launch my favorite app. Let us know your thoughts in the commenting section and stay tuned with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.