Nowadays, every next high-end device comes with LED notification feature. There was a time when blinking lights was a new thing for smartphone users. But, now it’s usual. Still, there are the certain things that people wish to customize for instance changing the LED color of notification on Android. Well, that’s possible, but not on the record.

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Since there is no customize LED notification setting option on Android, you will have to use a third-party app to modify LED color and more as per your wish. Well, the great thing you do not have to root your device to change LED notification setting. You can do it quickly through a specially designed Light Manager app on your Android phone. So, here is our guide on how you can customize LED notifications on Android phone Without Root.

How to Customize LED Notifications on Android without Root

How to Customize LED Notifications Behavior on Android Phone Without Root

To get your LED notifications, customized, we have found Light Manager app as the perfect match out of plenty of such apps available on the Google Play. Light manager provides you the simplest way to customize your LED notifications without even bothering about rooting.

So, just download the Light Manager App from here for free.

Step #1. Once the app is downloaded and you have opened it, it will ask you to allow “Notification access” just toggle it to ON.

Open Light Manager App, and allow “Notification access” just toggle it to ON

Step #2. Now press “Allow” on the pop-up screen. This has now confirmed the access to Light Manager for the notifications.

Now press “Allow” on the pop-up screen

Step #3. Now you have the power to get all kinds of notifications. For example, if you want to change the light color for the notifications of “Missed Call”, tap on it.

Tap on “Missed Call notifications LED” option

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Step #4. Next, tap on the Color option and pick a color of your choice.

Next, tap on Color option and pick a color of your choice

Note: The best part of Light Manager is that it will not only able to change the colors of LED notifications of the system apps, it will also change the third party apps’ LED notifications as well.

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Step #5. To get the LED notification for the third party app, just scroll down to your Light Manager app and tap on “Add an application” and select the choice of the app you want to have colorful LED notifications.

tap on “Add an application” and select the choice of the app

Step #6. This is it! Just don’t forget to press “Restart Light Manager” once you are done with the selecting choice of the apps you want to have LED notifications. This will then able Light Manager to apply all your settings.

Finally, Tap on “Restart Light Manager”

So, don’t wait! Just download the Light Manager and enjoy colorful LED notifications on your Android phone and help yourself to get informed about important notifications you always want to have.

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