Many of your friends might have seen complaining that whenever they get time and open their Facebook feed they always see unwanted posts. These useless posts could be anything, from someone whom you actually wonder when you have added to your friends’ list or from a group which you have been added without getting informed in advance, or even from a page which is trying to promote itself. If this is not enough you will also see friends suggestion from Facebook and you probably don’t know how to stop it.

This is certainly a frustrating time as you have spared some time from your busy schedule to get relaxed by visiting your Facebook account and now you can’t see anything interesting. But now you do not need to worry about it. There is a solution which will help you to customize your Facebook news feed so that you can get what you are interested in. Let’s have a tutorial on that.

How to Customize Entire Facebook News Feed

Go to your Facebook Settings page and scroll to News Feed Preference section. You will find four options there to customize your news feed. Let us check all four options one after another.

Option 1: Prioritize who to see first

Here you will see all the profiles from your friends’ list and also the pages you have liked mixed with each other. Click on those profiles and pages you never want to miss it. Once you click on them and then click on ‘Done’ then onwards whenever you log in to Facebook you will first see the updates from them only.

Tip: You can individually go to profiles and pages and can set ‘See First‘ as well.

Option #2: Unfollow people to hide their posts

There are few people you have to oblige by adding them to your Facebook list, but you certainly don’t want to read their posts for one reason or the other. Problem is that you can’t Unfriend them so what you can do? Just Unfollow them by clicking on this option. Once clicked you will see, just like the first option plenty of profiles. Start clicking on profiles which you want to Unfollow. Once done with selection click on ‘Done’ and those people’s posts will never appear in your newsfeed.

If you got a change of heart and want to follow them back then there is another option given just below that where you will find all the profiles you have unfollowed. Just click on the profile(s) you want to unfollow and you will start following them again.

Tip: You can unfollow people individually as well by visiting their profile and clicking on Friends tab you will see ‘unfollow’ option just click on it and you are done. If you wish to follow them again then you just need to follow the process again and this time click on ‘Follow’ option.

Option #3: Reconnect with people you unfollowed

You will see the ‘Reconnect with people you’ve unfollowed’ option, where you can see a list of people and pages which you have unfollowed for one reason or the other. If you feel that by reconnecting (or re-following) with them doesn’t harm you then you can start following them again and then you will be able to get their updates in your Facebook news feed.

Option #4: Discover Pages that match your interests

Too much of unlike and unfollow is done, now it’s time to start liking something. you will see page suggestions by Facebook. Facebook records your daily activities and by keeping that in mind it will furnish you a series of pages which match your interest. So if you want your news feed with posts which you like then choose the pages you are having an interest in.

Option #5: See more options

If you have hidden any Facebook app in past then you will see it here. If you feel that now you need updates from that app you can click on each app to get it back on your news feed.

Get news feed with top or most recent stories

This is also an option which has not gathered many eyeballs. On your Facebook news feed at the left side, you will see ‘News Feed’ with a dropdown option. Click on that drop-down arrow and you will see two options, first is ‘Top Stories’ and the other is ‘Most Recent’. Top Stories means that the posts which have got more attention by getting more likes and comments. ‘Most Recent’ option will have the stories which are just posted or someone from your common friends’ list has just commented on a particular post. For those who want to get the latest news feed because they can’t spend much time on Facebook, ‘Most Recent’ is the best option for sure.


We are absolutely sure that these tips will certainly make your Facebook news feed more interesting so that you will not feel disappointed when you don’t have much time to spend. Use these tips and let us know how it helped to make your Facebook news feed spicier here in comments.