The name of the Amazon’s virtual assistant “Alexa” is the wake word for the line of Echo products of Amazon by default. And the way she responds, we all are loving it the way it is. Now some may ask why change the name then? What’s wrong with it. The need arises when someone in the family has the same name Alexa or similar sounding names like Alexis or Lexi, as Alexa will keep responding whenever someone utters such names. Or if you have kids at home, they will pick up the name and keep saying Alexa playfully, which will trigger the device unnecessarily. Moreover, Amazon runs adverts that mention Alexa, which can burst Alexa into action.

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Thankfully, Amazon allows its users to customize or change Alexa’s Wake Word for Amazon Echo devices to three more alternatives like “computer”, “Amazon” or “Echo”, Here’s how you can do it.

How To Customize Or Change Alexa Wake Word

How to Change Alexa’s Wake Word for Amazon Echo devices

Since Alexa has all the answers, the first thing you can do is to ask Alexa only to change her name. Say out loud, “Alexa, change the wake word.” Alexa will respond, “Okay, you can choose from our list of wake words that are not currently used”. “Which of these do you like?” Speak your word or say “Cancel” if you don’t want to proceed. After few seconds, Alexa will say “Okay, you can call me [the new wake word]. Try calling it with the new word.

To change your wake word in the Alexa app:

Step #1. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone.

Open the Alexa app on your Android PhoneStep #2. Next, Tap on the More icon (three horizontal lines) → Select Settings.

Go to Alexa Menu and Select SettingsStep #3. Now, choose the device whose wake word you want to change.

Choose the Echo device to change wake wordStep #4. Tap the Wake Word setting.

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Tap the Wake Word settingStep #5. Now, Tap on Alexa Device wake word setting and select the new wake word.

Tap on Alexa Device wake word setting and select the new wake wordStep #6. Tap on Save.

Tap on Save Change Alexa Wake Word for Amazon Echo devicesWhen the light ring on your device flashes orange briefly, it indicates that the wake word is changed.

If you have compatible Echo devices, you can directly change the wake word on the device itself by heading over to Settings → Device Options → Wake Word.

If you don’t have Alexa app on your device, then go to in your browser, log in and make the changes.

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In a nutshell

With Amazon giving you options, you don’t have to stick to the name Alexa only anymore. We hope you might be waking up your Echo device by some other name after following our guide. Let us know your thoughts and reviews in the comment section below or on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.