Whether you want to control your smart home appliances or your business task, Amazon Alexa is the excellent intelligent assistant to perform your every action quickly in an organized way. While you can use lots of Alexa voice commands to manage your calls, notifications, control Fire TV, learning, and a lot more. Along with all these, you can also create private Alexa skills for Business as well. Let’s know how!

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The AWS (Amazon Web Service) allows business and organization to create private Alexa skills depend upon the business by running code without the need of provision. It uses Alexa to manage your every business activity simply, quickly, and in a well-organized way. If you a developer and want to build private Alexa skill with Alexa for Business, then here’s the procedure!

How To Create Private Alexa Skills With Alexa For Business

How To Build and Upload Private Alexa Skills With Alexa For Business

Note: Make sure that you have AWS account, and Skills Kit Command Line Interface (ASK CLI) is running on your developer environment.

Step #1. Once you start creating skill using the CLI with the “ask new” command or “ask clone” command, then look for the manifest skill with the name skill.jason at the root level.

It includes metadata and properties need for the skill. You can also get some existing skill manifest with the get-skill API by entering the following command:

$ ask api get-skill -s {skill_id} > skill.json

Step #2. After you found the right skill manifest, open that file in the text editor.

Step #3. If you want to make it private, add “distributionMode”: “PRIVATE” line in the publishinginformation block of the skill. Here’s how it should look:

"isAvailableWorldwide": true,
 "testingInstructions": "This is a private skill.",
 "distributionMode": "PRIVATE",
 "distributionCountries": []
 "apis": {

Step #4. Next, use the “ask deploy” command to upload the skill. If you have used the get-skill API, then you should use the update-skill API by entering this command:

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$ ask api update-skill -s {skill_id} -f skill.json

Step #5. Now submit the skill by entering following command and wait for a few hours to get the job done.

$ ask api submit –s {skill_id}

Step #6. Now distribute the skill to Alexa for business. For that, you will need ARN of the AWS account for the business organisation you want to arrange the Alexa skill and then enter the following command:

$ ask api add-private-distribution-account -s {skill_id} --stage live --account-id

It will look like `arn:aws:iam::123456789012:root`, where the`123456789012` is a placeholder for your AWS account ID. Make sure to specify the root and not an individual user for that account.

Once you have created your private Alexa skills for business, then here’s how to manage:

Step #1. Go to the Alexa for Business console.

Step #2. Now, Select Skills and then Private skills.

Step #3. Next, choose the skill published to your account and then click Review.

Step #4. Select Enable to activate Alexa for business.

Step #5. Now you can select the checkbox next to the skill that you added, and choose to Add to skill group to enable the skill for specific shared devices within your Alexa for Business account.

Then assign that skill group to a room with a device associated.

Step #6. Select Private skills and choose the Available to users’ checkbox to make the skill available for Enrolled Users to discover.

That’s it!

This is how Amazon allows using Alexa for business to create new opportunities for developers to build new private as well as public Alexa skill to do your task efficiently.

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Hope you have properly followed the above guide and successfully created new private Alexa skill for business. If you encounter any problem, you can freely ask us in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.