Social media is rife with videos nowadays, as more and more marketers and brands have realized just how powerful it is and how much potential it has. Simply put there is no other type of content that has the same potential to engage viewers – but tapping into that potential is another question entirely.

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“What is ‘Engagement’?”

Before you can think about creating more engaging videos for social media, you first need to understand what engagement really is. While several definitions are often used, in the simplest possible terms ‘engagement’ is really just a measure of how people respond and interact with your content (i.e., engage with it).

As you can imagine that takes different forms across the various social media platforms that are out there nowadays. On Facebook, it consists of likes, comments, followers, and shares whereas on Twitter it consists of retweets, replies, and followers. Similarly, Instagram has its own form of engagement, consisting of likes, comments, and followers.

It is important to note that engagement is connected to several other metrics as well – such as total viewers, and viewer retention. If you think about it, this should be obvious, as the more people who watch and continue to watch your videos are likely to engage with it at some point.

Because of that when you want to create more ‘engaging’ videos for social media – you should look at improving any of those areas. Getting more people to watch, keeping them interested enough to continue watching, and ultimately giving them enough of a reason to want to engage – that’s the goal.

How to Create More Engaging Videos for Social MediaTips to Increase Engagement Levels

There are numerous ways in which you can increase the overall engagement levels of your videos. While there is a certain amount of subjectivity involved, the following tips should provide you with a good place to start:

Create videos that are short

Attention spans on social media aren’t very long, which is why it is best to create short videos in order to boost viewer retention. Based on statistics videos in the range of 1 to 2 minutes do best – though that can vary a little depending on the audience demographics, social media platform, and other factors.

Focus tightly on a topic

Another factor that is linked to viewer retention on social media is how tightly-focused on a topic the video is. Considering you want to hit as many salient points as possible in a 1 to a 2-minute window, this should come as no surprise – but it will require you to carefully structure your video and its topic.

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Try to foster interest within the first 7 seconds

Many viewers will decide whether or not to continue watching a video within the first 7 seconds (or within 10 seconds at most). As such you should use that as a yardstick when structuring your video and make sure that you do your utmost to let the viewer know why they should continue watching to foster interest within that timeframe.

Use subtitles

A sizable number of viewers nowadays will not hear the audio from your videos, either because their volume is turned down on their mobile device, their browser is muted, or something else entirely. In any case, this makes it all the more important that your video is able to communicate without audio – which is why you should use subtitles in your videos.

Encourage interaction

What better way to improve engagement than by actually encouraging interaction? Needless to say, this works better in some type of videos and certain topics, preferably those that allow for viewers to voice an opinion, take a stand, or give feedback.

Jump on board trending topics

Often videos that are about trending topics have better engagement levels due to how current they are. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on current trends in your niche and watch out for general trends that you may be able to use in your videos.

Publish live videos

Granted this may not be an option in some cases – but live videos have been proven to have extremely high engagement levels. Whether it is a live behind-the-scenes brand culture video, interview, webinar, or something else – you should look into the ways that you could potentially cash in on this trend.

Schedule regular video content

In order to keep viewers engaged in the long term, it helps if you are regularly publishing content. The best way to do that is to pre-produce content and then schedule it to publish consistently so that your followers on social media know that you’ll always have something new for them to watch.

Provoke emotional responses

Keep in mind that a lot of the decisions made on whether to like, share, comment or even watch videos tend to be emotionally linked. That is why videos that are funny, touching, sad or inspirational tend to be very engaging as well. That is something that you should use to your advantage – throughout your social media videos.

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