Google Assistant is one of the most buzzed features and most appreciated features launched by Google. Unveiled last year, Google Assistant shortcuts are now a part of Google Assistant supported smartphones. Google Assistant is nothing but an extended and improvised version of Google Now; it is not a brand-new feature by Google.

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The shortcuts feature was introduced with a purpose to shorten the long commands with the help of creating shortcuts. These shortcuts save a lot of time when there are Google commands that are quite long and hard to remember as well. With a motive to improve the user experience, Google Assistant shortcuts allow the user to replace lengthy commands with just a single word or a small phrase. Say, the user wants to play music and has to command saying, “Ok Google, Play hip hop music on Google Play Music,” you can create your custom shortcut which might sound something like this, “OK Google, hip-hop music.” So, let’s get going with this tutorial and learn to create Google Assistant shortcuts commands.

How to Create Google Assistant Shortcut Commands

How to Create Google Assistant Shortcut Commands

Basically, there are two types of Google Assistant Shortcuts available, one is Pre-Defined, and the other is Custom Shortcuts. Pre-defined shortcuts are the ones provided by Google (however, you can edit them) and custom shortcuts are the ones you can create and customize according to your needs.

Step #1. Open Google app on your Android phone.

Launch Google app on Android Phone

Step #2. Tap on the icon that represents ‘3 horizontal parallel lines’ from the bottom right corner of the app.

Tap on Menu Icon in Android Google App

Step #3. Tap on Settings.

Tap on Settings in Google App on Android

Step #4. Next, Tap on Settings under the Google Assistant and then select Shortcuts from the list.

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Tap on Assistant Settings and select Shortcuts in Android Google App

Step #5. You’ll be redirected to another screen where you’ll find Predefined shortcuts like Workout time, Late again, Stock update and so on which you can use and even can edit.

Predefined Assistant shortcuts in Android Google App

Step #6. To create your own shortcut, you’ll need to tap on the floating blue colored ‘+’ icon present at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Tap on floating blue colored Plus icon in Android Google App

Step #7. You’ll find two text areas/fields namely When I say, and Google Assistant should do respectively. So, write your shortcut command under When I say, and the actual command under Google Assistant should do respectively and then tap on tick mark icon at the top right side to save this shortcut.

Create Google Assistant Shortcut Commands and Tap on Tick Mark to Save

In this manner, you can create multiple numbers of Google Assistant Shortcuts for the frequently used commands for your Google Assistant.

I hope you found this article helpful enough. Start adding your custom shortcuts for Google Assistant right away. For more such articles, check out our below links.

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