Facebook never fails to surprise us and this time it indeed made us all go ‘Wow!’ The recently launched ‘Messenger Kids’ by Facebook lets you sit and relax while your child accesses it. With socializing now a part of our daily life, sharing things on Facebook have become a habit and today’s generation are way ahead in all these matters than us adults. But, we are constantly worried about the safety of our kids as the internet is a scary world. You can’t always watch out for your kids what are they seeing and sharing on social media, neither can you stop them from using such platforms always.

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As a solution to this, Facebook launched its messaging app, specifically designed for kids under 13. The new app named ‘Messenger Kids’ allows your child to open an account and provides a safe platform for them to chat with friends and family on the social network. It’s a parent-controlled app, where the parents can decide their child’s contact list and even monitor it through their Facebook accounts. There are no ads, and it comes with kid-friendly GIFs, masks, and stickers they can use. All conversations pass through artificial intelligence, and so you can rest assure as no inappropriate content or language will get through it. Isn’t that great?

Now to sign your child up for this, let’s see how to create Facebook’s New ‘Messenger Kids’ account for your child? To sign up your kid for ‘Messenger Kids’.

How To Create Facebook's New Messenger Kids Account For Your Child

How to Sign Up Your Kid for Facebook’s New Messenger Kids

Step #1. Head over to Apple App Store or Amazon Appstore and download the Messenger Kids app onto your child’s device.

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Step #3. Launch the app and tap Authorize Device.

Step #4. Enter your Facebook login information and tap Authorize Device.

(Note: This will not create a Facebook account for your child or give them access to your Facebook account.)

Step #5. Add your child’s name and tap continue.

Step #6. Tap Create Account and then tap Allow Access.

Step #7. Add a photo of your child, and you can decorate it with colors and then tap continue.

Step #8. To add contacts, open your main Facebook app and click on “More” in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step #9. In the explore section, Tap on “Messenger Kids.”

Step #10. Select Messenger Kids parental controls panel and add contacts.

Note: For now this app has been made available only on iOS devices and Amazon Fire tablets. Very soon it will be available for Android devices as well.


A lot of questions were raised with the launch of the app as what is the need for introducing your child to social media? As parents were concerned about matters like cyberbullying, social media addiction, etc., but, Facebook has developed ‘Messenger Kids’ keeping all these points in mind and so it is completely safe for your kids. And the best thing is that it’s under parental control. So, you can sign up your kid without a worry.

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